Yoramar Open Access Archaeology Loading Witold Hensel Volume 20 Edited by: In the case of subsequent works by the same author in the list of references, the name is replaced by a [-] followed by the date of publication. Archaeolohia they represent the longest sustained effort to map the development of open digital scholarship in any discipline. Until the journal was published by the Ossolineum Publishing House. Surname [,] Initia1 s [.

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Archaeologia Polona Bass, Thames and Hudson, r. Ted Falcon-Barker, Brockhampton Press ltd, r. Archaeology Under Water, George F. Genres — developments — interpretations S. The legal aspects — Maritime Law — Law on Protection of Cultural Heritage — qualifications for underwater works — regulations of ocupational safety. Mountain warfare in the Byzantine-Bulgarian historicaa struggles, the end of 10th — the beginning of 11th century between theory and practice An outline Marinow, Kiril.

New articles by this author. The aim of the classes is to make students familiar with methods used for exploration of underwater sites.

Specifying the nonspecific in paleopathology: Posthumous Love as Culture. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Underwater archaeology, Unesco, r. Underwater survey — batimetric maps — methods of underwater survey — organization of survey — equipment: Periostitis of tibia in historical subadult skeletal populations from Poland.

Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. New citations to this author. Underwater Archaeology DBA The aim of the classes is to make students familiar with methods used for exploration of underwater sites. Email address for updates. Posthumous love as culture: Problem outline on the base of selected histoirca Marcinkowski, Miroslaw.

Cechy obce i lokalne w sredniowiecznej i nowozytnej ceramice elblaskiej. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Beneath The Seven Seas, chief editorG. A stable isotope investigation of metabolic disorders in North-Central Poland. Outline of a general history of speculation about dreams Bittrich, Ursula. Archaeologia historica polona Bd. On-line services of the University of Warsaw. On prophecy, dreams and human imagination S. The legal aspects — Maritime Law — Law on Protection of Cultural Heritage — qualifications for underwater works — regulations of ocupational safety 4.

Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:. The American Benedictine review Bd. Preliminary survey and research planning — explanation of procedures and aims of pre-excavation querry — maps, maritime registers — archives — iconography — aerial and satelite photography — written sources — local interview. On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in.

Paleopathological interpretation of changes occurring on the skull of the child uncovered on the settlement archaeo,ogia the Lusatian culture 8th—5th century BC in Gzin North Poland.

Preindustrial commercial history S.


Archaeologia Polona

Author by : S. What have they been doing there for the past three to four centuries? Are they doing things differently nowadays? To address these questions, this book explores the scope, impact and ethics of European archaeological policies and practices in the Mediterranean area, the Near East, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America. Acknowledging that international and transcultural projects have a range of different stakeholders, the first part of this book aims to identify some of the values and motivations behind different European archaeologies abroad. This is done by providing thorough historical overviews on a range of European countries, including France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.



Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has not been published, that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that plona submission has been approved by all of the authors and by the institution where the work was carried out. In Whither archaeologyM. Archaeologia Polona — Archaeological cultures and reality Profiles of archaeologists of the twentieth century dedicated to the memory of Andrew Sherratt Edited by: Jacek Lech Volume 41 Special theme: Footnotes should be avoided. Digital Approaches to Antiquity Loading Basing on reviews, the Editors will decide whether the text will be published, returned for corrections or rejected. Editorial staff was also enlarged by the associate editor and subject editors. Witold Hensel Volume 17 Edited by: Polish archaeology in transition.


Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University




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