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Cassady spent much of his youth either living on the streets of skid row , with his father, or in reform school. As a youth, Cassady was repeatedly involved in petty crime.

He was arrested for car theft when he was 14, for shoplifting and car theft when he was 15, and for car theft and fencing stolen property when he was In , the year-old Cassady met Justin W. Brierly , a prominent Denver educator. Brierly helped admit Cassady to East High School where he taught Cassady as a student, encouraged and supervised his reading, and found employment for him.

In June , Cassady was arrested for possession of stolen goods and served eleven months of a one-year prison sentence. While in New York, Cassady persuaded Kerouac to teach him to write fiction. His genius mind absorbed every book he could find, whether literature, philosophy or science. Jack had a formal education, which Neal envied, but intellectually he was more than a match for Jack, and they enjoyed long discussions on every subject.

The couple eventually had three children and settled down in a ranch house in Monte Sereno, California , 50 miles south of San Francisco , where Kerouac and Ginsberg sometimes visited. After his release in June , he struggled to meet family obligations, and Carolyn divorced him when his parole period expired in Carolyn stated that she was looking to relieve Cassady of the burden of supporting a family, but "this was a mistake and removed the last pillar of his self-esteem".

Cassady first met author Ken Kesey during the summer of ; he eventually became one of the Merry Pranksters , a group who formed around Kesey in who were vocal proponents of the use of psychedelic drugs. Cassady appears at length in a documentary film about the Merry Pranksters and their cross-country trip, Magic Trip , directed by Alex Gibney.

Cassady was beloved for his ability to inspire others to love life. Yet at rare times he was known to express regret over his wild life, especially as it affected his family. Finally, in late January , Cassady returned to Mexico once again. After the party, he went walking along a railroad track to reach the next town, but passed out in the cold and rainy night wearing nothing but a T-shirt and jeans. In the morning, he was found in a coma by the tracks, reportedly by Anton Black, later a professor at El Paso Community College , who carried Cassady over his shoulders to the local post office building.

Cassady was then transported to the closest hospital where he died a few hours later on February 4, four days short of his 42nd birthday. Those who attended the wedding party confirm that he took an unknown quantity of secobarbital , a powerful barbiturate sold under the brand name Seconal. The physician who performed the autopsy wrote simply, "general congestion in all systems.

Hansen , and John Allen Cassady In February , he was featured in Westword Magazine. Cassady admitted to Kerouac in a letter from , "My prose has no individual style as such, but is rather an unspoken and still unexpressed groping toward the personal. There is something there that wants to come out; something of my own that must be said. Yet, perhaps, words are not the way for me.


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Neal Cassady: BiografĂ­a y obra.


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