Appears in all five novels as a viewpoint character. Appears in Trading in Danger and Marque and Reprisal as a viewpoint character. She appears in the 2nd—5th books as a viewpoint character. Later widowed by terrorist attacks on the Vatta Enterprises Headquarters. Appears in all but Trading In Danger as a viewpoint character.

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Appears in all five novels as a viewpoint character. Appears in Trading in Danger and Marque and Reprisal as a viewpoint character. She appears in the 2nd—5th books as a viewpoint character. Later widowed by terrorist attacks on the Vatta Enterprises Headquarters. Appears in all but Trading In Danger as a viewpoint character.

Current Vatta CEO. Toby Randolph Lee Vatta: year-old technical genius brought under the care of Stella. Only survivor of the sabotage of the ship Ellis Fabery, the ship on which he was serving his apprenticeship. Tech wiz, responsible for modifying ship type ansibles. Osman Vatta: Family outcast and pirate infamous for being a sexual predator and known to leave illegitimate children everywhere he went.

Biological father of Stella. He influenced the pirates to target the Vatta family as revenge for his excommunication decades ago. Rafael "Rafe" Dunbarger: Spy, thief, and romantic rogue. Always loyal to the corporation he uses his many technical abilities to reactivate ansibles where he can. Has a history with Stella a past romantic affair and falls in love with Kylara later in the series. Has a great deal of practical technical skill in hacking and repairing ansibles, and is one of two people known to have ansible transmission technology as part of his cybernetic chip.

Appears as a viewpoint character in the 3rd—5th books. Cally Ray Pitt: Master Sergeant and twenty-eight-year veteran in the Mackensee Military Assistance Corporation Gammis Turek: Formerly a little-known gang boss based out of Woosten - though thanks to time and planning — is now leader of the biggest pirate organization in the history of the universe.

Gary Tobai: Cargo master of the Glennys Jones. Killed at Sabine. The ship was later renamed in his honor. Dies in the Battle of Moray. Lost his left arm in his fifth year in a mercenary company, however, his advanced prosthetic arm allows him to do more than he could before. Later becomes a valued bodyguard and crew member only after extensive training from Chief Gordon Martin.

Josiah Furman: Senior Vatta Transport captain who holds the most lucrative trade route, and is prized for his excellent on-time delivery stats. The Katrine Lamont is his ship. Executed for discourtesy by the government of Cascadia. Revealed to be in league with Osman. Good friend to the Vatta Family. Been with Vatta Transport her entire life.

Daughter of Turek spy on Cascadia. It sacrificed cargo space to equipped 2 forward mounted beam lasers, 8 missile bays and the ability to release mine payloads about Captured by Kylara Vatta at the end of book 1, the Fair Kaleen was instrumental in allowing ship based ansible communication technology to become known to non-pirates. Captained by Kylara Vatta from book 2 to book 5 it was destroyed in battle at Moray.

This ship is a cargo ship fitted for use as a warship. Lacewing: A smallish merchant trader that is faster than Gary Tobai. Captained by Polly Tendel. Tendel seemed to take a dislike to Kylara Vatta. Traveled in convoy with Kylara Vatta in the Gary Tobai. Beauty of Bel: A merchant trader operated by Sindarin Gold. Described by a Mackensee officer as "capable of handling anything by major ships of the line".

Donna Florenzia: A privateer from Ciudad. Captained by Isak Zavala. Destroyed by pirates while warning Kylara Vatta of treachery. Belcanto: A privateer from Urgayin. Captained by Ernst Muirtagh. In league with pirates. A privately owned ship used to hunt pirates. Small, fast and highly maneuverable escort class ships with missile capability. The ship was noted for its colorful and flamboyant exterior which matched the outrageous personality of Captain Theodore "Teddy" Albert Driscoll Ransome, a gaudy self-stylized rogue on a quest for adventure and glory.

Rapier, Arbalest, Trebuchet, Warhammer, Scimitar light cruisers. Planets and systems[ edit ] Allray: A planet with a wide array of indigenous lifeforms suited for the exotic. Allray station was later the host of a terrorist attack on the Vatta cargoship, Ellis Fabery. Belinta: Newly colonized and primarily agricultural, Belinta is widely considered provincial and uncultured. Its people are known for their subdued fashions and distrust of outsiders.

Bissonet: A major manufacturing center with a populace desiring art and culinary additives. Its system falls to large groups of pirates later on. Garth—Lindheimer: A prosperous and respectable trading station in a system with three habitable planets. Privateers must submit to a lengthy adjudication process in order to keep "prizes" brought in here.

Gretna: A system that, with the collapse of the ansible network, fell into xenophobia, in-system piracy, and slavery. Populated heavily by bigots who dislike anyone who is not Aryan in addition to humods. Lastway: Near the edge of explored space, Lastway is home to MilMart, a large and reputable military supply store.

Leonora: Located midway on the route from Belinta to Lastway, it is a developing world that reacts with paranoid fervour to any possible threat, going so far as to close all access to the system and shoot at unarmed traders who came too close at the first sign of problems in the beginning or Moving Target book 2. Moscoe Confederation: A central system with three inhabited worlds. The largest, Cascadia, is known for its arboriform space station and its strict code of conduct which requires perfect courtesy at all times.

Nexus: One of the biggest and wealthiest systems, and home of the ISC. As such, Nexus II is the communications center for all — or most of — human-occupied space. Pulson: A poor system with a nexus of multiple FLT jump points. Also captured by pirates.

On the other hand, "The death penalty is frequently imposed and [they] do not have an appellate court system. The relations between Prime and Secundus have not always amicable due to religious differences. Sabine Prime is the center for the manufacture of basic agriculture, mining, and construction equipment for many of the colony worlds in its sector. Sallyon: A wealthy system along lucrative trade routes. Prefer to be oblivious to any outside threats with superior confidence in their ability to be looked over by pirates.

It is later attacked on a trumped-up claim by the pirates as a way of intimidating other systems. Slotter Key: Wealthy and technologically advanced, this world is the headquarters of Vatta Enterprises and the home world of the Vatta family.

Slotter Key is known for its clement weather and extensive, island-studded oceans. One of the targets of the conspiracy. The bank of preference for the Vatta family. InterStellar Communications ISC : Controls and maintains the Ansible system that makes faster-than-light communication between planets possible. Also operates a large space fleet to protect its hardware and interests. Mackensee Military Assistance Corporation: Perhaps the most respected and widely known mercenary force offering everything from consultancy to medical backup and — if the price is right — warships to fight a war.

In one engagement, however, the group called itself the Blueridge Defense Alliance as a front for an attack. Space Defense Force: A multi-system space navy founded by Ky along with captains Pettygrew and Argelos in response to the pirate threat. It eventually gains support from all but the systems that are anti-humod. Technology[ edit ] ansible : A means of nearly instantaneous communication. InterStellar Communications operates as a monopoly and controls all ansible relay stations.

Such stations function as a network of store and forward message routers. Tampering with such a station, even to repair it, results in fines and occasionally military reprisals by ISC. Because governments depend on the system, they permit this.

Alterations include but are not limited to limb and sensory organ replacements and specialized hardware that grants enhanced capabilities. An implant may be removed and replaced without surgery, but not quickly. A new implant usually requires an adjustment period. Almost everyone with significant responsibility uses such devices and cannot perform their duties without them. Implants can often connect to nearby equipment, allowing users to exchange data and exert control over their surroundings by thought.

Vanguard I had a smaller portable version which saved Ky when ship blew , Vanguard II as military ship had one built -in from the beginning, located on her bridge. FTL drive : Faster-than-light. Cover art[ edit ] Book covers on this page are from the publisher Del Rey.

Those from the publisher Orbit have ships on the cover.


Marque and Reprisal (Vatta's War Series #2)

She barely escaped the events in Trading in Danger and was considering severing ties with Vatta Transport until tragedy struck. An unknown enemy has declared war on Vatta Transportation, bombed their buildings and killed most of the family. But Ky has no time to grieve. The enemy is after her, too, and she has no idea what to do or, more importantly, who to trust. As she learns in this installment, Marque and Reprisal, even family members can be enemies. Ky and the crew deal with a series of misfortunes which keeps the story moving quickly. Second book in the Vatta series.


Marque and Reprisal

Shelves: from-library , science-fiction , space-opera , read I couldnt resist, guys. I liked Trading in Danger so much that I couldnt wait any longer, so I got Marque and Reprisal when last I went to the library, and here I am reading it, almost two months to the day since I read the first book. Like I said on Twitter, Elizabeth Moon writes books that are like crackexcept better, because it turns out that crack is actually very bad for you. The first book introduced us to Ky Vatta and provided an intense, compelling space opera. Like I said on Twitter, Elizabeth Moon writes books that are like crack—except better, because it turns out that crack is actually very bad for you. When I say this book raises the stakes, I mean it raises the stakes.

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