It will not be maintained. The information contained should also be considered obsolete. An Install Sheild package, available for non-commercial use only, has been created to install both Ghostscript and Redmon. The RedMon port monitor redirects a special type of printer port to another program. Remember that "Acrobat Reader" is the "free" program, usually bundled on most new computers, that you need to display PDF files. Acrobat and Distiller are used to create PDF files, and these are not free.

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The format is well documented and supported. Acrobat Reader is a well known application for reading PDFs. There is also Acrobat Professional which is a great toll that can produce PDFs but it is quite expensive.

There are other applications that can produce PDFs, but they are either expensive or have built in advertising. So i have decided to prepare this step by step guide explaining how to install and configure free PDF maker publisher using GhostScript and RedMon.

So we would need latest version of GhostScript compiled for Windows. You can monitor available releases from GS homepage. There is one for 32 Bit Windows and another one for 64 Bit version.

Click Setup button when install starts. So you click Install button Installation starts and finishes with creation of shortcuts groups in your menu. At this point you have a working GhostScript install. Now we need to install RedMon.

RedMon is a utility redirecting data sent to printer port to another program. You can download version 1. The setup is very straight forward. Create a file called pdfwrite.


Ghostscript, Redmon and Windows NT

Program handles output When output is set to Program handles output, the redirection program is entirely responsible for all output. If the redirection program wants to write to another printer, it must do this itself. If the redirection program wishes to generate no output at all, this is also acceptable. Prompt for filename When output is set to Prompt for filename, the redirection program should write its output to a file. Do not share a printer which uses RedMon with Prompt for filename.


HOWTO: Create PDF in Windows using GhostScript and RedMon.

Gusar Conventions Refmon in This Book. Hack 13 Jump to the Next or Previous Heading. When you installed RedMon, it created this Redirected Port option. As of this writing, the current version of RedMon is 1.

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