Books Sir Ernst Gombrich Art historian whose book Art and Illusion has remained central to the philosophical and critical discussion of visual arts for 40 years Michael Podro Published on Mon 5 Nov Throughout his life, he was anti-sectarian and unreligious. Educated at the Theresianum secondary school in Vienna and at Vienna University, he came to Britain in and joined the Warburg Institute, which had escaped from Hamburg two years previously with most of its library, as a research assistant. The flight from Austria and the war years checked his professional career, but the scope and originality of his work in make one aware of his pent-up intellectual energy and the sustained thinking and reading that must have preceded it. His family was highly musical: his mother was a pianist whose teacher was only two generations away from pupils of Beethoven. His wife, Ilse, whom he married in , was also a pianist, a pupil of Rudolf Serkin, giving up her concert career when she married, though continuing to teach; they had one son, Richard, who has been professor of Sanskrit at Oxford since

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It is no replacement for J. Trapp, E. Gombrich: A Bibliography. London: Phaidon , which is considerably more detailed. Translation: Italian, Review: J. Vienna, pp. Translations: Danish, Copenhagen n. Dutch, Amsterdam n. Norwegian, Oslo Polish, Crakow Swedish, Stockholm Wertprobleme und mittelalterliche Kunst, Kritische Berichte zur kunstgeschichtlichen Literature, 6, pp. With Ernst Kris. Reprinted in E. Kris, Psychoanalytic Explorations in Art, Italian edition Reviews: 20, including A.

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Portrait Painting and portrait photography, in Apropos. A series of art books, 3. Review: R. Kernodle, From Art to Theatre. Weidenfeld ed. Review: Wilhelm Waldmann, Honore Daumier, lithographs. Burlington Magazine, 89, pp. Reprinted revised in Symbolic Images, Translation: French, in: D. Arasse and G. Brunel, Eds. English Masters of Black and White. Burlington Magazine, 90, p. Reprinted in Meditations on a Hobby Horse, ; and in F. Licht ed. Art Bulletin, 31, pp. Reprinted in Reflections on the History of Art, Translations: Afrikaans, Cape Town Danish, Copenhagen ; 2nd edition revised , 3rd Dutch, Utrecht ; revised Hilversum Finnish, Helsinki French, Paris ; 2nd edition revised paperback Paris ; new edition Paris German, Cologne ; Stuttgart Hebrew, Tel-Aviv ; 2nd edition Hungarian, Budapest Italian, Milan ; 2nd edition revised Turin , Japanese, Tokyo Vol.

I , vol. II ; new edition with 2nd preface Norwegian, Stavanger ; Oslo Portuguese, Lisbon ; Rio Rumanian, Bucharest Serbocroat, Beograd Spanish, Barcelona Swedish, Stockholm , 2nd edition revised , 3rd Turkish, Istanbul He was an art historian, as well as a translator, writer and activist who was apparently murdered for political reasons in Although he received a prize for this translation, the owners of the publishing house —the Erduran family from the Remzi Kitabevi publishing house— are now credited for it and republished the book nine times between and , before it was published in its pocket edition in Also spotted was a de luxe edition in a bookshop window but cannot find any trace of it on the Internet.

The Listener, 22 June, p. Magazine of Art, November, pp. Meditations on a hobby horse, or the roots of artistic form, in L. Whyte ed. A Symposium, London, Philipson ed. Review: Giorgio Castelfranco, Lineamenti di estetica, Florence Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 10, pp. Times Literary Supplement, 4 January. Kenneth Clark, Piero della Francesca, London. Burlington Magazine, 94, pp. Lawrence Gowing, Vermeer, London.

The Observer, 7 September. Art Bulletin, 35, pp. Reprinted in Meditations on a Hobby Horse, Berenson, Caravaggio, his incongruity and his fame, London. The Listener, 31 December. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 11, pp.

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Visual Metaphors of value in art, in L. Bryson et al. Reprinted in Meditations on a Hobby Horse, ; and in R. Smith ed.


Norm and form : studies in the art of the Renaissance

Studies in Renaissance Thought and Letters, Ii. Studies in the Art of the Renaissance Gombrich, E. Lists with This Book. Trivia About Norm and Form: Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Laminate is also peeling to fore-edges of dust wrapper.


Ernst Gombrich

It is no replacement for J. Trapp, E. Gombrich: A Bibliography. London: Phaidon , which is considerably more detailed. Translation: Italian, Review: J.

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