Appendix A Technical Specifications When total lead length exceeds 76 meters feetnuisance trips can manaul caused by capacitive current flow to ground. Failure to observe this precaution could result in bodily injury. UL Class J, V, time delay, or equivalent. Use grommets, when hubs are not provided, to guard against wire chafing.

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The HP Regulator board provides a signal for use by an optional snubber resistor braking kit for HP drives. Table of contents Table Of Contents Use grommets, when hubs are not provided, to guard against manuql chafing.

Page 70 9 and 11 are internally connected. Refer to the appropriate board instruction manual for more information. List of Tables Table 2. Page 48 — Figure 4. Terminal Strip Load Meter or Analog Input Connection to the negative side of the power supply is only required when an external 15V power supply is used. Wire the DC input power leads by routing them according to drive type. Relay contact closure is programmable through parameter P. No other type of mounting is permitted. Page 77 Note that depending on the setting of parameter P.

Replacement parts are listed in chapter 9. Identification of the protective conductor Warning signs and item identification Page 35 — Figure 3. Page 23 — Figure 2. This manual is intended for qualified electrical personnel. Page 91 Table 9. Page 95 — Table 9. Chapter 1 Introduction Be sure to verify that parameters P.

No additional filter installation is required. Only qualified electrical personnel familiar with the construction and operation of this equipment and the hazards involved should start and adjust it. Page 75 Table 7. HAPTER Completing the Installation This chapter provides instructions on how to perform a final check of the installation before power is applied to the drive. Page AC input power leads to the terminals at the top of the filter. Do not route signal and control wiring with power wiring in the same conduit.

Recommended Control And Signal Wire Sizes To reduce line disturbances and noise, motor lead length should not exceed 76 manjal feet for any non-Reliance Electric motor or any non-inverter duty motor. Page 89 — Table 9. Jumper J4 must also be set.

The option board is mounted below the Regulator board inside the drive. Chapter 6 Installing Output Power Wiring 6. Page 63 — Table 7. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Regulator Board Description Page 86 — Figure 9. Most Related.


Reliance Electric GV3000/SE Installation Manual



Reliance Electric GV3000 Manuals


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