Fegrel Problems that are associated with this concern not only the broader democratic politics, based on human rights, but the important and difficult cultural challenges. In addition, the speakers are required to find other materials, in accordance with the instructions of the leading Professor. Cultural dilemmas of contemporaneity — University of Warsaw Research question thus concerns the major religious traditions in Europe, the nature of religious conflicts, and on the other hand, the sources and types of secularization, as well as the impact of major cultural trends of modernity on both the progressive process of secularization, fundamentalism and religious revival movements. Important research question concerns the definition and understanding of the nation, national consciousness and patriotism, as well as the impact of the national ideology on integration processes. Most widely held works by Andrzej Kostarczyk. It is connected with gender mainstreaming support programs for women and men, and various actions aimed at knocking down gender stereotypes, building new models of tolerance and respect.

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Shelves: psychology , sociology , culture , history , politics , economics , civics What makes us that is the U. There are some profound observations to be uncovered here. Now a rather dated book, I completed the first few chapters for the sake of examining the immediate historical survey to our current circumstances and skimmed the rest. Then I took some notes and passed it along.

The following are not my notes but quoted passages from the book that I found to be of the most interest The American Dreaman emphasis on economic growth, personal What makes us that is the U. The American Dream…an emphasis on economic growth, personal wealth, and independence.

The European Dream…sustainable development, quality of life, and interdependence…. The European Dream is secular to the core. The American Dream is far too centered on personal material advancement and too little concerned with the broader human welfare to be relevant in a world of increasing risk, diversity, and interdependence. The European Dream emphasizes community relationships over individual autonomy, cultural diversity over assimilation, quality of life over the accumulation of wealth, sustainable development over unlimited material growth, deep play over unrelenting toil, universal human rights and the rights of nature over property rights, and global cooperation over the unilateral exercise of power.

Europeans… have been much more eager to critique the basic assumptions of modernity…. The European vision… is personal transformation rather than individual material accumulation…focused not on amassing wealth but, rather, on elevating the human spirit…seeks to expand human empathy, not territory. Americans…to be autonomous, one needs to be propertied. The more wealth…the more independent one is…. With wealth comes exclusivity…with exclusivity…security.

For Europeans…freedom is in embeddedness…access to a myriad of interdependent relationships with others…. The more…access…the more options and choices…for living a full and meaningful life.

With relationships comes inclusivity…with inclusivity comes security. To be a great country, it is necessary to be a good country. The American Dream…was meant to be exclusive to America…. One can only pursue the American Dream on American soil…. Most Europeans find this…odd, even a little scary. Sixty-eight percent of the American public believe in the devil….

More that one-third of all Americans are biblical literalists…. Even in Catholic Italy and Poland, only a third of the public say that religion is very important to them. Across Western Europe nearly half the population almost never goes to church. Europeans wonder if America is lost in the past…so passionately committed to the conventional nation-state political model…. No government before…had ever suggested that people might have a right to pursue their own happiness.

The desire for instant success has become pervasive across American culture. For millions of American viewers, seeing someone just like themselves on TV becoming famous, even for an instant, keeps alive the idea that it could happen to them as well…vicariously by watching the fortunate few who beat the odds, convinced that the dream is still alive and that their turn is coming…not the American dream but the American daydream.

By…early adulthood, they have been everywhere, done everything, seen everything, and had everything. They have little or nothing to look forward to or to aspire to. Their dreams have been answered even before they had a chance to dream them…the most difficult life task is motivation itself…only momentary pleasures are left to ward off the boredom and make it through another day.

W e have overpowered our kids, giving them an inflated sense of ego and, with it, a belief that they are entitled to success because of their many special attributes…. If you are always being told that everything you do is insightful, well conceived and thought out, and effectively executed, then why try harder?

Nearly one-third of Americans…thought a little violence was okay…. Nearly one out of four believes that using violence to get what they want is acceptable. We have always prided ourselves on being a nation of civic-minded volunteers…. Yet the American character has hardened, and…time and money pressures and pursuit of personal pleasure has made us even less willing to look out for the social well-being of or neighbors.


Europejskie Marzenie: Jak europejska wizja przyszłości zaćmiewa American Dream





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