Khaksars in Hyderabad Around , [a] Allama Mashriqi, a charismatic Muslim intellectual whom some considered to be of anarchist persuasion, [5] revisited the principles for self-reform and self-conduct that he had laid out in his treatise , entitled Tazkira. He incorporated them into a second treatise, Isharat, and this served as the foundation for the Khaksar movement, [4] which Roy Jackson has described as being " An early report said that the movement began with 90 followers. It quickly expanded, adding young members within a few weeks.

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The encyclopedia is a comprehensive work comprised of multiple volumes that took over 5 years to produce. Springer is a renowned international publisher with more than 2, journals and , books covering a range of topics from Astronomy to Computer Science to Social Sciences. About Allama Mashriqi: Mashriqi was a world-famous mathematician, Islamic scholar, and revolutionary.

Mashriqi fought bravely to liberate the Indian sub-continent from British rule. As a student, Mashriqi was a genius who broke academic records at both the University of Punjab and the University of Cambridge United Kingdom. He later became a Fellow at the most prestigious scholarly societies of Europe and also emerged as one of the most educated politicians of his time.

Allama Mashraqi is the only political leader of India who has this distinction. About Tazkirah: Tazkirah, authored by Mashriqi, interprets the Holy Quran from a scientific perspective.

While writing this book, Mashriqi used his vast multi-disciplinary knowledge of Islam and other religions, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Mechanical Sciences, and Oriental languages now commonly known as Asian languages. The book drew tremendous interest from both the East and the West. Sohaddon Professor of Geography. During this time, his works have been published in books, prestigious academic journals and encyclopedias, and in newspapers around the world. More information about the author is available on the internet and on social media.


Ghadar Party

After serving for about 17 years in the education department, in , he proceeded to launch a movement to transform the Muslims into well-organized and disciplined force. Earlier in , he had seen Hitler and his Mein Kampf, which impressed him so much and lingered on in his mind. The movement was absolutely non-political though partially based on military basis with aims and objectives undefined for long time. It was assumed to be a social-reformist movement, which had to deal with the objectives set by its founder. The membership was open to everyone with no membership fee irrespective of any caste, color or creed.


The Khaksar Movement

Gadarites given lifetime imprisonments during Gadarites given capital punishment during Ghadar is an Urdu word derived from Arabic which means "revolt" or "rebellion. What is our name?

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