It was like a light bulb moment to be like She stopped eating meat, animal products and processed foods and instead switched to a diet that consisted of uncooked and unprocessed vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Sanjay Gupta on American Morning. Every Friday, 6 a.

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Login or Register to vote! Her website, www. Angela offers books, retreats, consultations and lectures internationally on raw foods. In February , she completed a Day Juice Feast and her juicing book inspires countless others into juicy journeys.

Hear it! What about living a raw food lifestyle seemed like a healthy choice for you? Well, yeah, I used to be in a very large body. I was morbidly obese, almost pounds, and I was not one of those people who had tried every diet out there. You know, you often hear that story from people who are in big bodies. I was a compulsive over-eater. I had this intense relationship with food and I had basically eaten and gained weight nonstop for about a decade by the point at which I learned about raw foods.

And I pretty much just pushed myself to the absolute limit. I was on the edge of being diabetic, I was always ill, I was miserable, I was very shut down emotionally. I always like to bring to simplicity in nature, and it made total sense to me that every other animal out there in the wild eats raw food.

So, why would it make sense for me to cook food? So, you know, there are a myriad of reasons why this lifestyle spoke to me and I just dived into it nine and a half years ago and never looked back.

Basically released pounds of excess weight, and my life is pretty much unrecognizable from how it was before, so I feel extremely grateful. The physical weight release was just the start of it, and that in itself was intense. So, you know, that was really dramatic — just that part of it. There was a lot for me to release and let go of.

It feels like that was the main message I was receiving. Let go of all the old programming, the excess weight, all of my emotional baggage, just let go, let go, let go.

I would say that the social stuff was my biggest stumbling block as I tend to find it is for most people, in fact. If we make big shifts in our lives in any area, it tends to kind of push buttons and ruffle feathers with the people around us; pretty common pattern. I could see, in the people around me, a lot of disturbance about the choices I was making. There were all these little incentives that inspired me and kept me going and just I could feel it inside myself that this was the path I wanted to be on.

So, despite all of those social hiccups and adjustments, I just kept going with this, and what I tend to encourage others to do who are having similar experiences is to definitely reach out for support from other people who are already on this journey and who are maybe a bit further down the path than you because it can be really easy to feel awkward socially.

Yeah, for sure. Greens are really like the foundation of being healthy, balanced, remineralized, and alkalized. I know when I started to drink juices, for example, I was definitely a carrot-apple juice girl. I remember the first green juice a friend ever gave me, I thought she was insane. It was disgusting to me. So, make sure that things taste good to you, you know? You can put carrots, you can put apples into things.

You can make green smoothies with the fruit and green so that things taste good to you. Just be sure to getting the greens in one way or another.

And then a couple months down the line you never hear from people again which I see happen a lot. So, yeah, take it slowly, get support from other people, try and get at least one green drink a day into your body, and you should be going pretty well.

And it tastes like chocolate milk, to us. Another one I really love is any kind of greens with pineapple juice. You just need to make sure you drink it quickly because the pineapple juice is so strong and it has so many enzymes in it that it starts to digest the green juice. Well, the first thing that comes to mind for me is my morning practice.

We live here in Ecuador, in the Andes, and we have beautiful walking trails on our land here. So, we love to go out and walk around on there. We have a lot of animals here with us; I love to go out and be with the animals and be in our organic gardens and orchard. Those kinds of things help me stay feeling energized and excited about life.

Well, we knew that we wanted to be somewhere where we could grow food and live in community. A friend of ours moved down here, to Ecuador, and we saw photos of what he was doing here and we just absolutely fell in love, you know? No, absolutely not. Being in a morbidly obese body is extremely limiting, you know? Socially, and just, even physically —moving around places, and emotionally I was so shut down.

And now I feel such a strong connection to life and to other people, and a joy in my being here. What do I least enjoy? Hmm… I guess the first thing that comes to mind is that we live our lives online, kind of in public, because we are raw food speakers, authors, lecturers, and things like that. That can feel trying at times… [ Yeah, I think I probably will.

I was going to do that anyway, and there have been so many requests since we announced to the world that our daughter was here. Just so many people asking for books and information about being raw pregnant and our birthing process and our choices now as parents. So, I think I will, at some point, put something together into a book or an ebook or something. And how do you?

We love to get out there and move somehow. How would you suggest someone start cleansing? Well, I think it depends so much on where people are coming from in terms of what cleansing is going to mean for them. And, if people are willing to do some kind of colon cleansing then that, of course, is going to be a huge benefit to them. Just think about the basics. Think about eating simple foods straight from the earth and cleaning your colon. If you do that, which is what people do in all of the healing institutes out there, you will start to see results.

If so, how many do you plan for and how far in advance do you plan? I would say that a large part of the reason for that is because we now live in one place. Now I live in one place and this is kind of a new adventure for me and the kind of things that we have access to and that we choose to consume on a daily basis are pretty regular. Fresh water at least a quart a liter of water, and then we tend to have some watermelon juice, and then some green juice from the garden, and we often have a cucumber salad that we really love, and different things, you know, that we regularly tend to have.

So, things tend to go like that these days. So, I would always make sure that I had food with me wherever I went and, you know, plan in advance, and call restaurants ahead of time, and all those kinds of things because I wanted to stay on track. Was it a temptation before? In my first couple of years on my raw food journey I would waver all over the place.

I was definitely still attracted to junk foods and processed foods. There is no way I would be interested in those things. Whereas in those first couple of years, yea, I was definitely still attracted and it was more of a struggle to not intake those things.

I would say to be gentle with yourself and other people around you because I see people become really harsh with themselves about their choices. And I just see a lot of toxicity around that whole picture — people becoming kind of like the raw food Nazi and it can create a lot of social issues.

I feel like ultimately the most important thing is for us to be happy in our lives and be enjoying our social connections and contributing to our communities and being kind of in service to each other rather than in judgment of each other.

I took some supplements during pregnancy which I still take now. I was making sure to eat lecithin as regularly as I could manage because that has choline in it, which really helps with brain development.

I was taking a lot of omega 3s in different forms — DHA, EPA, and different foods like chia and flax with omegas in them. And herbs as well, you know. I was reading a lot about different supportive herbs for pregnancy and I was drinking a lot of red raspberry leaf tea and nettle tea. I had a whole host of different herbs on hand whether it was in powdered form or whole herbs or [pinches].

I was really appreciating the support from Matt as well. Were you nervous about this at all? Children say what they see. So, to me it felt like this whole brand new adventure and, yeah, there was nervousness in my being. How is this all going to unfold? Not much, though. We have pretty independent spirits, both of us and we knew from before we had even conceived how we intended for things to unfold.

Yea, it was just us. I would say to check stuff out online. And I would also say to look at nature. Look at what the animals out there do. How much do you want other influences around you and possibly disturbing your well-being during that process?


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