This page is dedicated to text books on the area of microwaves, so you can buy cheap microwaves textbooks to help you learn the ins and outs of this subject. As you can see, the one thing all these text books have in common is their pre-owned condition and affordable pricing structure. You can always find the cheapest deals when you look to buy or rent used microwaves textbooks from our marketplace. File Name: microwave engineering passive circuits peter rizzi pdf.

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History Books Free books New! Thanks for the heads up, Terry and Michal! These books tend to be compilations of papers on similar topics, and are often fairly academic.

You can buy a print copy if you want, or grab a digitized version for free over at Google Books. Orfanidis can be downloaded from the Rutgers site here. It is in the public domain so there is no harm in grabbing a copy!

Books for which the author gets paid Technical If anyone wants to add to the reviews below, or recommend additional books, please let us know. Take a look, and let us know what you think! Satellite Communications System Engineering Wiley The first edition of Satellite Communications Systems Engineering Wiley was written for those concerned with the design and performance of satellite communications systems employed in fixed point to point, broadcasting, mobile, radio navigation, data relay, computer communications, and related satellite based applications.

This welcome Second Edition continues the basic premise and enhances the publication with the latest updated information and new technologies developed since the publication of the first edition. Phased Arrays for Radio Astronomy, Remote Sensing, and Satellite Communications by Karl Warnick, Rob Maaskant, Marianna Ivashina, David Davidson, and Brian Jeffs This book just came out in published by Cambridge University Press, and includes some of the latest advances in phased array analysis methods, including many examples of analysis using modern computational electromagnetic tools.

As the authors say in their Preface: "Our goal is to gather in one place recent advances in the mathematical framework for phased array analysis and create a book for which the theorteical treatment reflects the state-of-the-art in the academic literature and is equal to the task of designing antenna arrays for applications with demanding performance requirements".

There are plenty of references for those who want to investigate the topics further, and even some problems at the end of each chapter for those who want to use it as a textbook. From the Unknown Editor: If you are looking for a deep-dive into phased array theory, the math behind it, and how to use computational elecromagnetics to model response, this book gives a thorough treatment to all of that. It is a well-organized textbook providing hundreds of references, as opposed to some books that are merely a collection of published papers.

Hardware is treated as black boxes, this is not an instruction manual on how to build a phased array. It is a great textbook for antenna systems designers.

Reflectionless Filters by Matt Morgan Matt is the inventor of a new class of filter, where the energy outside the pass-band is absorbed instead of reflected back.

This solves the age-old receiver design problem You can get a taste of reflectionless filters on this Microwaves page. Need more info? Check out our new page on masers over in the MW Encyclopedia. Mongia, I. Bahl, P Bharta and J. Hong First published in and updated in , this book provides essentially everything you need to design coupled structures and coupled-line filters. Topics include forward- and backward-wave couplers, non-uniform couplers, improving microstrip couplers, tandem couplers, interdigital capacitors, spiral inductors, baluns and much, much more.

We have used it on Microwaves to create three-section symmetric couplers. An isolator does for RF, what a diode does for DC This book presents theory, information and design procedures to enable engineers and technicians to build circulators successfully. Even managers can learn how to specify a circulator; in chapter 2 you will learn about their different types and what is possible and what is not. Modern Antenna Design 2nd ed. Give us some time to link it to Amazon before you buy it!!

An exceptional book on antenna design. It is very design oriented, easy to read and does not contain long derivations of anything - the stuff we antenna designers would skip anyway. The book deals with basic theory of course , basics of numerical methods, arrays and array synthesis, all the basic radiator types, and phased arrays.

In my opinion, only relevant information for practical design work is included in the book, no more to confuse you or make your reading experience tedious. That is why I like it. I have used that book a lot and found it exceptionally useful.

Another excellent reference, by the way, for practical antenna engineer is "Antenna Engineering Handbook" R. Johnson , which is a new version of legendary book from Henry Jasik. Thanks, Jari! We found it easy to understand even for non-antenna types. Microwave Tubes by A. Gilmour This is our new favorite book. It includes some great microwave history, including tidbits about the Varian brothers, Kompfner, Pierce, Boot and Randall.

It also describes the math behind why 50 ohms was chosen way back when. This is a must-have book if you want to learn about tubes.

Update September this book is available for free as a scanned pdf in our download area. Radar books If you are interested in radar, we have two recommendations.

Microwave Engineering The most-required book for microwave students is David M. Warning, these books actually derive formulas using calculus, which has been known to induce sleep in baby-boomers! Pozar is now in the Microwaves Hall of Fame!

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Microwave engineering passive circuits peter rizzi pdf


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