This security system offers you burglary protection and may provide fire and emergency protection. Use this picture and the table that follows to become familiar with the security functions. Multi- When Multi-Partitions is checked, all partitions within the Partitions system can be armed at one time if the user is so authorized. When the Arm Multi-Partitions circle does not contain a check mark, each partition must be armed individually. Page System Overview System Overview Introduction to Your System This system offers you burglary protection and may offer fire and emergency protection. Monitoring is accomplished with various contact and motion sensors for perimeter and interior burglary protection, plus the system may have strategically placed smoke, heat, or combustion detectors.

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Page 4 How to Clean the The can be used for: Quick and easy security system operation Messages Control of the home environment, including lights and contains provisions for the future control of heating and air-conditioning. Page 8: Compatibility Home screen when the cannot communicate with the alarm panel. This may be caused by and incorrect ECP address in the or because AUI type devices have not been enabled in the panel.

Page 9: Section 2 - Mounting And Wiring 3. Secure the case back to the mounting surface using four screws supplied. Prior to attaching the case front to the case back, be sure to wire the as described in the " Wiring the " paragraph in this section. Page Wiring The Connections diagrams at the back of this guide, or the appropriate Systems Interconnection Diagram provided, and follow the instructions below.

The must be used in conjunction with a second keypad that is powered by the control panel. Use a Listed Class 2 power supply suited for the application. The has holding clips on the case back to hold the case front while you are wiring the unit. Hang the case front on the holding clips as shown in Figure 2.

Page 12 4 Data Out terminal of the green wire. Attach the case front of the to the case back. Attach the top of the case first, and then press the bottom section inward until it snaps into place securely. OFF — Security system is armed or disarmed but not ready. If disarmed, faults or troubles are present. Page Initialization How to Change the ECP Address After enabling addresses in the control panel using an alpha-keypad, power up each one at a time, and set its address to one of the addresses you enabled in the control panel.

If this is a first time power-up of the unit, follow the initialization procedure in this section. Page 19 2. Touch the Lighting button to turn the Lighting option on or off. Press the DONE button to accept the setting. The returns to the "Central Station" menu screen.


ADEMCO 6270 Installation And Setup Manual

Akizilkree Please login or register. October 28, The unique, symmetric plastic design and color schemes make this an ideal choice whether your customers have a light decor in their hallways, offices, stainless steel kitchens and garages or are just looking for something a little more rugged for their warehouses. Let that go, and go find yourself a nice frosty drink or coffee and walk away for a few minutes Forgot your User Name? Other keypads by Honeywell The attractive white console blends with any decor and features a keeypad, removable door that conceals illuminated soft-touch keys. I accidentally caused the system control panel?


ADEMCO 6270 - TouchCenter Keypad User Manual





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