Mar 30, Richard Derus rated it really liked it Rating: 4. A Curtain of Green both introduced and established Eudora Welty as in instinctive genius of short fiction, and in this groundbreaking collection, which includes "Powerhouse" and "Keela, the Outcast Indian Maiden," are the first great works of a great American writer. Diarmuid Russell, the superagent of his era, sold the collection on the strength of that A collection by an unknown barely published writer getting published by a major house?

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Welty was a short story writer and novelist who wrote mostly about the South. Lectures in the History of American Civilisation. Pretty impressive for a series of essays I think. She was born in in Jackson Mississippi, the eldest of three. It was one of a good many things I learned, almost without knowing it; it would be there when I needed it. In years ahead, when I wrote stories, atmosphere took its influential role from the start.

Commotion in the weather and inner feelings aroused by such a hovering disturbance emerged in dramatic form. She had seen it happening, had believed her love would keep him safe. But, Mrs Larkin is deranged with grief. She does none of this, just works incessantly, obsessively, planting thickly and hastily, without stopping to think, without any regard for the ideas that her neighbours might elect in their club as to what constituted an appropriate vista, or an effect of restfulness, or even harmony of colour.

We are now in the garden with her as her memory returns her to the day of the accident. This story was written in — quickly written and easily published, according to LOA.

After such a year as this has been, it seems just the right story to end on. Happy New Year everyone! Eudora Welty.


A Curtain of Green and Other Stories

With an introduction by Katherine Anne Porter. It seems to me almost impossible to discuss her work detachedly. Reading it twice has not given me any critical distance, but has only drawn me closer into its rich and magic world. To explain just why these stories impress one so appears as difficult as to define why an ordinary face, encountered by chance in the street, might suddenly reveal miraculous beauty, through a smile perhaps, or through an unexpected expression of sadness. Many of the stories are dark, weird and often unspeakably sad in mood, yet there is no trace of personal frustration in them, neither harshness nor sentimental resignation; but an alert, constant awareness of life as a whole, and that profound, intuitive understanding of life which enables the artist to accept it. It is this simple, natural acceptance of everything, of beauty and ugliness, insanity, cruelty and gentle faith which helps the author create her characters with such clear sureness.

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Eudora Welty, A curtain of green (Review)



A Curtain of Green


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