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Anatole France took this idea and ran with it in his novel The Revolt of the Angels. Its curator, Monsieur Sariette, begins to notice books being misplaced and damaged overnight, and even sees them floating out of the library to the summer-house.

I have delved deep into Oriental antiquities and also into those of Greece and Rome. I have devoured the works of theologians, philosophers, physicists, geologists, and naturalists. I have learnt. I have thought. I have lost my faith. Image from the Heritage Press edition Not only is Arcade leaving his post, but he also plans to organize a revolt of the angels to once again attempt to defeat Ialdabaoth. I do not think He is either eternal or infinite, for it is absurd to conceive of a being who is not bounded by space or time.

I think Him limited. I no longer believe Him to be the only God. Through another fallen angel, Nectaire, we hear the story of the first battle of the angels, the creation of the world, and then how the vanquished angels became the teachers of men. He also gives a history of the world, from the peak of civilization when the fallen angels appeared as various gods and nymphs and Satan as Dionysus and Iacchus and the jealous God was absent from society, to the time when, taking advantage of the Roman peace that allowed free exchange of ideas and merchandise, Ialdabaoth invented a fable that would eventually enslave the world: that man had committed a crime against him, would be sent to Hell, and that he sent his son to repay their debt.

You will lack an assistance, a support, a consolation which would have guided and confirmed you in the way of salvation. In fact, in spiritual matters, you will be without strength and without joy. Image from the Heritage Press edition When I first read this book years ago, the only place I could find a copy was the university library.



Fulgence had three sons. The eldest, Marc-Alexandre, entering the army, made a splendid career for himself: he was a good speaker. Though sceptics in their inmost hearts, they looked upon religion as an instrument of government. The General, [9] when still a colonel, had dedicated his regiment to the Sacred Heart, and he practised his faith with a fervour remarkable even in a soldier, though we all know that piety, daughter of Heaven, has marked out the hearts of the generals of the Third Republic as her chosen dwelling-place on earth. Faith has its vicissitudes. Under the old order the masses were believers, not so the aristocracy or the educated middle class.


Anatole France

Early years[ edit ] The son of a bookseller, France, a bibliophile , [3] spent most of his life around books. After several years, he secured the position of cataloguer at Bacheline-Deflorenne and at Lemerre. In he was appointed librarian for the French Senate. Literary career[ edit ] France began his literary career as a poet and a journalist. In , he sat on the committee in charge of the third Parnasse Contemporain compilation. As a journalist, from , he wrote many articles and notices. He became known with the novel Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard

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