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We put a lot of conscious effort in making sure that you experience learning in the best way possible. For more details and enquiries about online yoga classes please email onlineyoga andiappanyoga.

These classes are a perfect fit for regular yoga enthusiasts and practitioners who want to improve their yoga skills under the guidance and tutelage of an experienced yoga master.

At the end of the class, students are free to ask the teacher any questions and get immediate answers along with general knowledge on how to improve your yoga practice. At the end of the class, students can engage the teachers with questions about the practice via live online interaction, or they can choose to type the questions in the chat box, and they would be answered promptly by the teachers, one-by-one. Start your Online group private yoga classes with your friends and family today and enjoy your practice at the comfort of your home.

You can purchase online group private yoga class package and email us details on when you would be available, your preferred days of the week, and time to do these classes. These classes are a perfect fit for people with ailments, sicknesses, lives a very busy stressful lifestyle or have conditions which require a specially tailor-made yoga and meditative practices.

Online Yoga Therapy Consultation We offer one on one online yoga therapy sessions which are conducted by our highly qualified and experienced yoga therapists. This online yoga therapy consultation package is suitable for people with certain ailments or conditions. He would also be able to recommend some gentle therapeutic sequence of yoga unique to just that individual according to the condition. Online Corporate Yoga Classes We offer online corporate yoga classes that are tailor-made for a group of office workers and executives who tend to work for very long hours and need a little time to relax and reboot their mind and body.

Our experienced teachers will conduct simple but yet very effective yoga poses, breathing, and simple meditation techniques. The classes could either be done at their office desk, a quiet meeting room or anywhere else designated for such activities by the corporate body to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Regular lunchtime classes or after-work classes can be arranged by the corporate office whenever they need a good break from work and all the stress it entails.

We can conduct private one to one sessions in English, Hindi and Tamil. What platform do we use to conduct these online classes?

We use the Zoom software for all our class sessions. Please make sure the name, email, and phone number you register with zoom are the same as the one provided during the registration of your package. What is the time zone listed on the schedule page? What device do you need to attend this class online?

How to Book the classes once I have purchased the package? Upon confirmation of your payment please give us 8 hours to input your package in the system.

Late and the early cancellation policy for the classes. Please note your package will be deducted upon booking of the class.


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