Jericho Librarian Syd Murphy flees the carnage of a failed marriage by accepting a position in Jericho, a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. When Syd gets a flat tire and is rescued by the town physician, Maddie Stevenson, the two women form a fast friendship—but almost immediately begin struggling with a mutual attraction. Of course, Syd is straight and going through a divorce—and Maddie forgets to mention her sexual orientation to her new best friend. Together, Syd and Maddie learn that life and love can have as many twists and turns as a winding mountain road. David and Michael continue to run their bed and breakfast, and the irrepressible Roma Jean Freemantle prepares to graduate from high school. But everything changes in the sleepy mountain town of Jericho when a massive storm blows in with huge consequences.

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Everything changes in the sleepy mountain town, however, when a storm blows in with huge consequences. The Characters The characters are one of the greatest strengths of the books set in Jericho. As quirky as many of them are, it would have been easy to turn them into walking punchlines, and Ann McMan never does that. While Jericho was a romance, and a wonderful one at that, Aftermath reads more like general fiction.

Maddie and Syd are still the cornerstone, but with their relationship well established, Aftermath is instead a love letter to small town life. The structure, pacing, and plotting have dramatically improved from what we saw in Jericho, but without sacrificing any of the heart and humour that makes it a favourite of many a lesbian fiction reader.

Shifting genres within a series can be a risky move, but in this case, it paid off in spades. The Narration Christine Williams is back as narrator, and again, the narration is excellent. The Pros Everything. Seriously, I love this book. The Cons I want, like, 20 more books in this series in my Audible app right now and I want them all narrated by Christine Williams. Is that really too much to ask? Do yourself a favour and pick up the audio book.

She walked across the kitchen and called up the back stairs. He appeared at the top of the stairs with Pete in tow. He started down the stairs. He looked up at her. Clearly, this was a damn conspiracy.

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Aftermath by Ann McMan: Audio Book Review


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