The Aphanamixis polystachya Wall. Parker is a shrub or tree evergreen polygamous-dioecious bearing on the same individual hermaphroditic as well as unisexual flowers , that can reach the 30 m of height, with cylindrical trunk with brown-reddish bark, longitudinally fissured, provided at the base, in the old specimens, of tabular roots roots similar to buttresses. The leaves, spirally arranged, are pari or imparipinnate, cm long, formed by leaflets, on a 0, cm long petiolule, opposite, oblong-eliptic to ovate, cm long and cm broad, with long pointed to obtuse apex and entire margins, of intense green colour. Axillar drooping inflorescences, cm long, bearing subsessile globose flowers, of about 0,6 cm of diameter, with sepals and orbicular petals, concave, white, globose staminal tube, 0,4 cm long, 6 anthers and pubescent trilocular ovary. The fruits globose to pyriform capsules, of 2, cm of diameter, yellowish to purple when ripe, dehiscent in 3 valves and containing oblong seeds, flattened, of brown grey colour, about 1,4 cm long and 1 cm broad, immersed in red aril.

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