Mai im schottischen Edinburgh geboren. Foley, und war Irin. In seiner Freizeit verfasste er auch schon erste literarische Werke. Watson : A Study in Scarlet dt. Eine Studie in Scharlachrot.

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Challenger If, like me, you enjoy characters that are gruff, prideful curmudgeonly sorts, than you will have fun with this guy. He is a serious hoot. Trust me. Physically, Prof. Challenger is a funhouse mirror reflection of Mr. Challenger… If, like me, you enjoy characters that are gruff, prideful curmudgeonly sorts, than you will have fun with this guy. Instead of a tall, lanky, clean-shaven gentlemen who calmly condescends to the world around him, we have a short, barrel-chested, physically imposing caveman, with a booming voice and serious anger management issues.

And he doled out some serious happy to me while I reading. Like Holmes, of whom I am a screaming fanboy, I found G. Challenger to be enormously fun to listen to as he waxed vaingloriously about his greatness and scientific acumen. When reporter Edward Malone hiding his true vocation requests a meeting with the reclusive scientist, this is the letter he receives in reply. SIR, I have duly received your note, in which you claim to endorse my views, although I am not aware that they are dependent upon endorsement either from you or anyone else.

The context convinces me, however, that you have sinned rather through ignorance and tactlessness than through malice, so I am content to pass the matter by. You quote an isolated sentence from my lecture, and appear to have some difficulty in understanding it.

I should have thought that only a sub-human intelligence could have failed to grasp the point, but if it really needs amplification I shall consent to see you at the hour named, though visits and visitors of every sort are exceeding distasteful to me. As to your suggestion that I may modify my opinion, I would have you know that it is not my habit to do so after a deliberate expression of my mature views. Once I read that, I knew I was in for something loaded with win.

A journalist the aforementioned Edward Malone eager to impress his girlfriend, requests a dangerous assignment. Together with Challenger, another professor the obligatory skeptic , and Lord Roxton, the standard rough and ready adventurer, the four embark on their fateful quest.

Frills, thrills, spills, chills and kills ensue Still, I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging the narrative was and how much fun I had listening to Challenger and his colleagues expound with fervor on their dated scientific theories. Excellent storytelling has no expiration date, and Doyle, like contemporaries H.

Wells and Jules Verne, has the ability to engage and captivate his audience with the wonders of a bygone age. I enjoyed myself, Sir Arthur. Thank you.


Die vergessene Welt



Arthur Conan Doyle


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