There are many ways of referring to Barclaycard payment protection insurance PPI , these include credit insurance, credit protection or loan repayment insurance. PPI is often confused with income protection insurance. They are two completely different products. PPI provides short-term cover and is provided alongside loan and credit products. Any pay-outs under PPI go straight to the loan provider instead of the policyholder.

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This could mean they have no proof to counter you complaint on the sales process. Least you got that one right, you have to prove your claims. Claims company myth two - the FOS rule against self-employed cases where there are onerous conditions such as dissolving the business they publish this on their website.

If you are self employed you do your tax returns and accounts so you know how much you earn. Why use some rarely used internal term a term not mentioned on this board in years of PPI complaints when you can simply ring and ask them? No idea about that. A DSAR has to be done in 30 days. You can see why the CMC industry is so bad when you keep making basic mistakes like this.

Again the bank do not need to disprove anything and absolutely can refuse the point - you are making the accusation, you must prove this. Again wrong way around - you are proving this not them disproving. This is simply wrong, full stop. The 6 year rule is 6 years from taking out the policy. The 3 year rule can be invoked by a CCL from the bank or a cancellation of the policy amongst other things.

You cannot just pretend not to know about the PPI complaints process and somehow bypass the 3 year rule. The more evidence and information you send to them the easier it is.


Your refund rights for purchases

Did you have PPI on a Barclaycard product? Did you take out a Barclaycard credit card? Barclaycard is the credit card division of Barclays Bank and was first created in PPI is intended to help consumers make their credit card payments if they are unable to work for whatever reason. Policies have been mis-sold to millions of customers. How do I know if I was mis-sold?


Barclaycard PPI


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