Jan 17, E. I picked it up on a whim. I thought it looked silly and was wanting to have a good laugh. I will say the beginning started out strong.

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Cover story of Mad No. Appeared in Mad No. The edition also reprinted all of the above articles, as well as additional Potter-related material that had been published by Mad. Army publication Preventive Maintenance Monthly, which instructs soldiers on how to maintain their equipment, featured a spoof comic based on Harry Potter, featuring a character named Topper who resided at Mogmarts School under Professor Rumbledore.

While trying to find a boarding school for Cubert, the crew visits a magic school on the planet Rowling VI. In the comic book series " Tozzer ", the titular character studies at the acting school of "Boarboils", a parody of the name "Hogwarts". The character Tozzer also is occasionally depicted with a swastika scar on his forehead, and believes that he is a magician. The Unwritten is a comicbook series about the nature of stories and storytelling, and their social impacts, which incorporates several elements of Harry Potter into its preeminent fiction-within-a-fiction series Tommy Taylor.

In the novel an unrecognizable Harry is portrayed as the Anti-Christ , and all his adventures have merely been staged to manipulate him into destroying the world.

On learning this, Harry destroys Hogwarts and murders everyone in it, including Ron and Hermione. None of the characters or locations in the series are mentioned by name to avoid conflict with J. Rowling, as Moore has done with other characters belonging to other authors.

No references are made to any of the actual events of the series, and the summary given of them is inconsistent with the actual story. Yes, you. There was also a cancelled episode, The Potter Puppet Pals Adventure, that still exists in audio form, and has been animated by a member of the Lemon Demon wiki. Originally published July , the YouTube video has more than The videos feature the original movie dubbed in German. The episodes involve Harry trying to cope with a post-modern, non-magical society.

For instance, he still believes that Lord Voldemort is after him and that Dementors and death-eaters are a constant threat, to the great annoyance of his roommates. Gerson as Harry. There is a fourth actor whose name changes in the opening credits of every episode. First produced in April , the video series has more than a million YouTube views. A parody of the Harry Potter universe it is set ten years after the last book ignoring the epilogue. Published March , the video has more than 83, views.

Dirty Potter, a trilogy of audio shorts were made through creative use of word splicing and sound editing. The characters have been reimaged into overly lustful and sex-crazed; frequently engaging in comedic and lewd activities and using vulgar language.

Each audio short is narrated by British actor Jim Dale , who also has been reimaged in the context of the parody. These clips were previously only hosted on YouTube , but were "removed due to a Terms of Use violation". It was written and voiced entirely by Andrew Lemonier, former actor and comedy writer. The videos are available on YouTube. Webcomics[ edit ] The Order of the Stick used a character for strip No. He subsequently defeats a plot by Professor Santory Snapekin to achieve ultimate power.

The parodies are modelled after the movies, not the books, and follow the movie releases. The result is Harry and Edward getting into a fight after several insults are exchanged.

Just before the bully can hang the boy who looks exactly like a cartoon Harry Potter up on the flagpole, Annie and Kat stop him and chase the bully away. However, instead of being grateful he claims that he and his wand had it under complete control. When Annie points out the "wand" is just a twig, he gets offended and tries to cast a spell on Annie and Kat in exactly the same pose has Harry in many of the movies when he casts a powerful spell.

Nothing happens and Annie and Kat end up hanging him up on the flagpole themselves. Wizard School is a webcomic parody of Harry Potter, in which an eight-year-old "chosen one" with a mark on his forehead is replaced by the villain with a drunken adult jerk with a tattoo, who attends the school for wizards in his place. It follows the plot of the movies, as if the characters had been players in an RPG. The AI program is fed all 7 volumes of J. It abbreviates all seven canonical books into seventy minutes.

They posted the entire musical on their YouTube channel but removed it in late June, to edit some more mature elements from the videos. A sequel is being written. Comic scenes of Dobby and Winky panicking over missing cheese, Ron slopping a potion on Snape, Dumbledore missing his meal ticket as well as his mind, and Malfoy deflecting a dementor as he earns his free lunch in the Hogwarts cafeteria poke fun at the icons of J.

But with danger lurking, Sally, along with her friends Dave and Harmonica, must try to defeat the evil Lord Murderdeath with the constant interruptions from the Censor. Audio tracks[ edit ] RiffTrax released parody audio commentaries of all 8 Harry Potter films. RiffRaff Theater has also released a commentary for the first film. When the organisers attempted to take it down, they were prevented by public outcry.

Rowling parodies[ edit ] J. Rowling , the Harry Potter writer, has been parodied several times: Rowling made a guest appearance as herself on the American animated sitcom The Simpsons , in a special British-themed episode entitled " The Regina Monologues ".

She acknowlewdges Lisa with "Thank you, young Muggle". When Lisa asks her about the ending of Harry Potter, Rowling sighs and says: "He grows up, and marries you. Is that what you want to hear? It ends when she kills Stephen King through a lightning bolt manifested from the power of Voldemort. Rowling as a power-hungry, money-obsessed individual.

Once he portrayed her doing a talkshow, similar to Oprah , and advertising Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : "It really moved me And in return, he will give me absurd wealth and power over the weak and pitiful of the world. And he did! Rowling as bossy and very keen on keeping her creations copyrighted, for example, she believes a hobo is impersonating Hagrid.

Maureen Johnson author has on multiple occasions parodied J. Rowling on her blog. She has described J. Rowling as a deranged, food-obsessed psycho who keeps Alan Rickman prisoner in her basement.


Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody

The Harry Potter series are taken as a heavily censored version of the life of Barry Trotter. The story takes place long after the trio have "finished" their education at the Hogwash School of Wizardry and Witchcrap. The first book in the series is Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody. Advertisement: The second book is Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel, in which Barry becomes headmister of Hogwash after the previous one died. The third book is Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse, a Prequel within a Sequel , wherein Barry undergoes hypnotherapy to relive the memories of his time at Hogwash in order to find a cure for the arrested youthanasia curse he was afflicted with in the previous book.

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Barry Trotter


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