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Shelves: general-fiction The back cover copy promised depraved cruelty. The flap copy hinted at a dark and sadistic relationship.

What I wanted was a tale of Bathory that offered an explanation for at least some of the bloodcurdling rumors that surround her name. This is it, I thought, two sadists who meet and fall in love with each The back cover copy promised depraved cruelty.

This is it, I thought, two sadists who meet and fall in love with each others depravity. But instead, the narrative shies away from exploring the myths surrounding the Blood Countess. Every death seems accidental, through rage rather arousal. If we are to believe this version of her, Bathory is less serial killer and more out-of-control bully. It is they who chain the girls naked to the walls, they who starve and beat them to death then leave the bodies chained to the survivors. It is the servants who are monsters.

I find this hard to believe as a historical theory and especially as a plot point in the story. The prose style and all of the surrounding characters were wonderful. Even the Countess is believable as young bride, passionate wife, loving mother, and desperate prisoner. At first, you can only see small glimpses of her ruthless character.

Page after page, as we read through lines we see her transformation. I think, based on the book, that a part of her cruel character is a cause of the disappointment she experienced from all the men in her life, who always left her for other younger women. Or it was just an excuse she made up to hide the real reasons behind why people always "betrayed" her, as she called it. But did she really do everything she was accused of or were there political reasons behind her imprisonment?

And for the most part, Ms Johns succeeds in this approach. However, these very characteristics also distance us from her; we get the sense she cannot be fully trusted and so we instinctually draw away from her. But what else can we do, knowing what is coming?

Perhaps Erzsebet herself has lied to us, disguising her worst excesses in justifications of disobedient servants and the matrimonial pressures she faced. Or perhaps the legend is far more lurid than reality, as so often happens with so many maligned historical ladies?


Bathory Books

De meest aangehaalde is die waarin ze op haar vijftiende trouwde met graaf Ferenc Nadasdy, een militair. Hij was weinig thuis en de jonge gravin verveelde zich. Daarom liet ze boeren oppakken en martelen tot de dood erop volgde. Bovendien zou ze hier een sadistisch genoegen in hebben geschept.


Elisabeth Báthory

Arashibar When I first looked at Bathory: Terriann Rea-gaustad rated it it was ok Oct 01, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The dialogue was painful and every moment the characters were speaking I wished they would just stop. Aside from memmoir, I wanted this to at least try to be more believable but it reads as nothing more than fan fiction by someone who wanted a memoir from Bathory so bad, they took the reins and wrote one. Aug 16, Neil rated it it was ok. Laetitia Tissard rated it really liked it Feb 19, This book seems to be like marmalade, love or hate. At times gruesomely vivid and graphic, the whole story still managed to hold me in thrall. I loved this even more than the first time I read it.


Bathory : Memoir of a Countess by A. Mordeaux (2008, Paperback)

Kanos Return to Book Page. Excellent Book I would defently recommend this book to anyone interested in Elizabeth Bathory. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Apr 29, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Suspension of disbelief is impossible when reading this book. Bathory : Memoir of a Countess by A.

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