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I even made a strike of 13 days has turned my work and from 8 am to 19h non-stop Did you find this review helpful? I used it during a night out on the dude hardcore hardtek otherwise tell the gro its very low after 30 minutes of full operation has been boiling regime the air coming out was more than hot, but he managed to finish the evening short an amp that is anomalous but as I say by buying a processor leaves the amp sound good with no problem but it does not prevent it heats beaucoup.

Ideal for newbie who does not evening and that too has a small budget. They have served as two times: both say they are nearly new.

Most: power, I like serrated knobs. The least: too sensitive perhaps? For the 8 ohms love this amp, it behaves very well: I have not taken any risks. I symmetric supplies have no worries box samson symmetrization.

For use as a dilettante like mine, yes may be the EP to 31cm. PS: do not compare with Dynacord in 2XW good but it is rather nice for the price. Last point: the best are cold, especially when empty. But I had calculated the margin for the SM Donf to the fans not variable speed the amp heats much the same vacuum??

The amp is complicated to configure with the dozens of switches to set. On a low stack of W into 8 Ohm as well say that I am not far from its limits. So the lower gains in clarity and punch without fuck your HP, the amp retains its potato. Secondo: possibility of connection and routing: bridge mono, but you can get a mono source on a single channel amplifier and the sound of the two and so on. In sound is not to say anything bad or good for the judge should be dj that I have great speakers Now, with behringer mfier we must, we can come across as a bad SERIES Has my case with another product.

But when it works, no worries and allow the price of the beginners without dchirer wallet. No, this is my first real amp worthy of the name. Super quality-price ratio - With the exprience, you do again this choice?

After a year of intensive use, I never had the slightest problem, this amp is rather designed for applications PA-PA for applications not concerts or studio.

And obviously the price is not the high end. Enjoyable surprise, I had before that the three amps in the last 2 x gde very expensive brand and I will not mention. Bathroom breaks, too many things flying buy, so low prices, I took a chance Fortunately: To: power, I pat it twice, and without frying, clean bass, dynamic top! But what he dmnage I would do if this choice? Now I know I want the same, but thanks gentlemen thieves see another room, taking turns, thank you!

I roll with an old amp ab international and she is making my meillaur srvices behr made me! I said because I made change to the monitor truhtA I think it overheated because it gave off a small metal BEHR may not have everything eh? I do not advise a ququn who wants to use a full capacity but to use the medium I give 5 in 10 gear!

Nothing is striking in the box but his appearance seems ki Pro. But I have not mfiant roti filled with amps ki coils heat up and am not the restaurateur to operate ke bowls. Behringer but wanted to reassure his amp Dumoine the is far I prsume to provide.


Behringer EUROPOWEREP1500, EUROPOWER EP2500 User Manual



Behringer EUROPOWER EP2500 User Manual


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