La dosis diaria de 10 mg se ha sustituido en todos los casos por la dosis semanal de 70 mg. The extension of indications should be analyzed in a multicentric randomized study. Ambos grupos conllevan a la muerte celular programada del osteoclasto apoptosis. Risk factors, recognition, prevention, treatment of bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis of the jaws.

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ABSTRACT The systemic application of bisphosphonates has inhibitory effects on the dental movement and root resorption, at the same time could have a preventive effect on the root resorption proving clinically useful as at specific times of the treatment and conditions patient you can apply this effect for the benefit of the patient. It is important to highlight the need to perform this type of studies in humans and thus verify bone reaction to the application of forces during movements in orthodontics.

We recommend caution in the use of diode laser therapies, devices with mini anchor skeletal trauma of retainers to mucous membranes, tooth extractions and orthognathic surgery. It has also been proposed that patients should suspend his therapy with bisphosphonates for a sensible period before you start orthodontic treatment, this requires further investigation.

There are still questions about other benefits which may arise, as for example, to achieve the increase in power of bone resorption without diminishing the mineralization of the hard tissues that also produce the bisphosphonates, etc, among others, are still not known and which we can discover by experimentation.

Once the bisphosphonate therapy is initiated, patients should be checked every 6 months to ensure that oral health is optimal and reinforce hygiene techniques. All with the intention of holding the dentition and the realization of Endodontics and prevent the need for extractions. The use of elastic in orthodontics to produce an Atraumatic exfoliation has also been proposed. Not recommended periapical surgery, implants and orthodontic treatment while receiving treatment with bisphosphonates for malignant diseases.

El uso de bifosfonatos ha sido vinculado con osteonecrosis mandibular 2 , particularmente el uso de NBPs indicado para enfermedades malignas. En ortodoncia, movimientos indeseados en el anclaje dentario y recidiva de los movimientos realizados durante el tratamiento pueden causar resultados indeseados.

Los resultados de este estudio sugieren que las fuerzas realizadas en este estudio fueron excesivas. No colocar implantes. J Oral Maxillofac Surg , Sven Otto, Grotz Knut A. J Oral Maxillofac Surg , Harper Richard. Oral Maxillofac Surg , Fujimura Y, et al: Influence of bisphosphonates on orthodontic tooth movemente in mice.

J Orthod 31 6 , October, CES Odont. Acta Odontologica. Lancet Oncol Marx Robert E. Oral Maxillofacial surg Clin N Am 19 Pampu A, Dolanmaz D. Histomorphometric evaluation of the effects of Zoledronic acid on mandibular distraction osteogenesis in rabbits. An ultraestructural study of the effects of topical administration of a bisfhosphonate Risedronate root resortion incident to orthodontic tooth movement in rats. J Dent Res. J Dent Res 75 9 : , September, Chung CJ, et al. OPN deficiency suppresses appearance of odontoclastic cells and resorption of the tooth root induced by experimental force application.

Journal of Cellular Physiology ; Physical properties of root cementum: part 8. Volumetric analysis of root resorption craters after application of controlled intrusive light and heavy orthodontic forces: a microcomputed tomography scan study.

American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics ; J Dent Res 73 8 : , August, H. Mario, et al: Bis-phossy jaws- High and low risk factors for bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis of the jaw. Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacia Surgery Australian Dental Journal 56 1 , March,


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