It provides highly detailed information on the chemistry, reagent systems, and practical applications for creating labeled or conjugate molecules. It also describes dozens of reactions with details on hundreds of commercially available reagents and the use of these reagents for modifying or crosslinking peptides and proteins, sugars and polysaccharides, nucleic acids and oligonucleotides, lipids, and synthetic polymers. Armed with this information and the abundant protocols provided, readers will form unique complexes that can be used for detecting, quantifying, and targeting important analytes. This book helps readers make: high activity antibody-enzymes conjugates, immunotoxins, immunogen complexes, liposome conjugates; as well as biotinylated molecules, avidin or streptavidin conjugates, colloidal gold labeled proteins, PEG or dextran complexes, labeled oligonucleotide probes, and fluorescently tagged or radiolabeled molecules.

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Technical Consulting Services Bioconjugation Crosslinking or attachment of one molecule to another using a variety of reagents and reactions. Optimizing hydrophilicity, stability, and activity in the final conjugate. Modification Adding custom functionality or reactivity to a biomolecule to facilitate further reactions in the preparation of bioconjugates. Activation of proteins, thiolation, PEGylation, etc.

Labeling Modifying biomolecules with labels to create detectable conjugates for use in assays or imaging. Biotinylation, fluorescent dyes, fluorescent proteins, or enzyme labels. Improve sensitivity, reduce background, enhance reagent stability. Western blotting, single-plex, multiplex, or cell-based assays in many different formats. Develop affinity chromatography or classical methods of protein isolation.

Use fusion tags, bioaffinity interactions, or immunoaffinity purifications. Ligand Immobilization Coupling of affinity molecules to solid phases to create affinity targeting or purification supports.

Create array surfaces, microparticles, nanoparticles, and chromatography supports. New strategies to produce immunogens to modulate allergen reactions. Decrease antibody response to the carrier or crosslinker and maximize response to the hapten. Antibody Conjugation Conjugation with antibodies or antibody fragments through selected sites.

Options for preparing ADC conjugates or enzyme conjugates using a variety of antibody scaffolds. Site Directed Coupling Conjugation of biomolecules through discrete sites and functional groups to avoid active centers or binding regions. Form reproducible bioconjugates with maximal activity. Large library of reactions and reagents are available to use. Confidentiality agreements CDA , material transfer agreements MTA , licensing or technology acquisition, collaborations and partnerships, or consulting agreements.

Negotiations Add an experienced negotiator to your team to get the best deal possible. Over twenty-five years experience in technology acquisition and developing collaborative relationships. Strategic Planning With many years of experience, GTH can help in developing strategic plans designed to drive company growth. GTH works with your team to design the strategy and tactics that can increase revenues and result in a constant stream of new product development.

Intellectual Property GTH can provide expert help in patent and prior art searching, aid in the preparation of patent applications, review intellectual property, and assess the valuation of IP.

GTH works with patent agents or patent attorneys when necessary to bring in all the expert help you need. Legal Partners GTH works with outside attorneys that can provide top level legal counsel in the bioscience fields.

This includes intellectual property, contracts, and general counsel attorneys. GTH legal partners have extensive experience in the Life Science business areas. Greg can quickly aid in solving problems in your development efforts through the combined strengths of experience and years of real world problem solving.


Bioconjugate Techniques




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