Average: 3 1 vote Do you want to really understand the concepts behind Raja Yoga? Then, this is the book for you. This authoritative handbook will guide you towards a deeper understanding of meditation. Originally intended for students who have just completed the introductory course, this book is also a valuable handbook for more experienced meditators to revise the concepts of consciousness, and relationships with God, other souls and nature.

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Very glad I read this, an excellent book. Some notes from the book - most transcribed directly: Suppose during my journey to success you tell me if I am honest it will take me one year, but if I tell a little lie I can get there in one week. I will begin to think my principles and values are Her YouTube videos are great. I will begin to think my principles and values are delaying my process of attaining success and happiness.

But can anyone truly be happy when they are comprising their core values and principles? I will always be aware of what I am thinking. Who is thinking all this? I am thinking. The second stage of awareness is; is this the right kind of thinking for me? The third stage is: can I change it?

That is all. Every thought that I create has an impact on me and my body and the people around me. For 10 minutes I have created thoughts of pain, and in the 11th minute I say, okay enough now, let me change but those 10 minutes. It happens with practice, the 10 minutes will become 8 and 5 and 3 and then finally it will be okay this is it. Finally we will reach a stage where we will not be creating it; we will be aware of it as soon as we are about to create it and we will say "okay, change".

Our thoughts and actions create a reality based on our choice. We always think we need to do things on the outside to change the way we feel on the inside.

The reality is we need to change how we feel inside to change the things outside. Happiness is not something we should expect to get from other people - it is to be created within and shared with other people we meet. We are not human doings, doing things to be at peace; we are human beings at peace and doing things.

When I change the quality of information coming in, the thoughts change, the way I respond changes and my destiny changes. I have a choice. Postpone the newspaper and the television news and substitute it for something pure and powerful.

A simple change to your morning diet will make all the difference. Consuming something positive in the morning and before bed will make all the difference. The first thoughts in our mind in the morning influence our day and the final thoughts influences the quality of our subconscious thoughts and sleep at night.

People say when angry, count one to ten; these are external measures to postpone our reactions. If we take care of our thoughts we will not create even the thought of anger. Beginning and end the day by reading positive or uplifting information.

Your shirt is white in colour, but if I wear blue glasses it will appear blue, green glasses make it appear green. You are who you are but what I see is coloured by my past, my pain, my ego. The past is passed. Full stop. Let it not repeat in the mind; when you do it is like rubbing a wound and therefore not allowing it to heal. There is nothing to learn from the situation that happened. The situation is the same but the longer we hold on it to, the pain increases.

In relationships, no one is ever wrong, each one is right from their own perspective. Detaching from my own perspective and understanding the others perspective is empathy.

While working toward our achievements, if we take care not to compromise on our value of peace, love and happiness we will always be contented.


Happiness Unlimited



Shivani Verma


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