The group announces the early renewal of the eyewear licensing agreement with Diesel. Gruppo Marcolin renews the international licensing agreement with Swarovski. Atelier Swarovski, the luxurious debut eyewear collection, created and distributed by Marcolin Group, is launched. Marcolin empowers its presence in the Nordic market opening a branch in Sweden. Marcolin opens the new 3. Even the licensing agreement for the design, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution of the sunglasses and eyeglasses for Catherine Deneuve Lunettes is renewed in July before the expiry date.

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See you in Milan! Please summarise the key developments. The highlight in the field of lenses at Opti was an absolute world premier — EyeLT, our innovation for better vision. With it, Rodenstock once again emphasised its role as a leader in innovation. Visitors were able to get a look at the work of Rodenstock Manufaktur live at the booth. The new eyewear collections were also warmly received by the public. Besides the collections of the core brand Rodenstock, the latest correction frames and sunglasses were presented from Porsche Design, Alfred Dunhill, Mercedes-Benz, uvex and Baldessarini.

Visitors were able to experience the spectacles and the characteristics of the different licensed brands in brand worlds that were designed especially for the fair. With EyeLT, Rodenstock is presenting a one-of-a-kind opportunity. For the first time, different cylinder strengths and axial positions for distance and close up can be implemented in one progressive lens. As a forerunner in the field of individually calculated and onlineoptimised progressive lenses, thanks to the unique optimization method, Rodenstock has once again improved and refined its optimisation process for this.

In combination with the high-precision 3D freeform technology, these complex progressive lens surfaces can now be calculated and manufactured for the first time. For opticians, their core competence, i. We believe their customers will be much more satisfied at the same time.

This is because it is possible for the first time for a person who wears spectacles with progressive lenses to also have complete correction in the near range, thanks to the EyeModel. The visual areas in the near range will become noticeably larger. The result will be significantly better for almost one-quarter of spectacle wearers. And now Rodenstock is going one step further — and thereby ringing in a new era.

By launching the EyeModel, Rodenstock is expanding the ILT into the EyeLT and supplementing its unique technological pillars with the precise physiological description of the vision process during the transition from distance to near vision. Gregor Esser, Manager Basic Research Optics, project manager for the development of the Rodenstock EyeLT: Our claim is to help people get the best-possible vision with individual solutions — and to help our customers to get the best products in the market.

We have succeeded at doing so with this development. Please explain the roll out of this new development, with regard also to different territories, in particular Europe and the months ahead. In the next step, EyeModel step 2, an individually measured near refraction can be specified as well if need be. EyeModel Step 2 will be added in for markets with a high affinity for high end lens designs.

In a third step, Rodenstock will also offer a method for high-precision measurement of the eye with an appropriate measuring device. The measured values of the eye will then be fed into the calculation and optimisation of individual lenses in a completely new way. The third step will be available in the markets with high optometric potential as of Rodenstock has started with great successs bringing spectacular innovations from the field of lenses and the latest eyewear trends to the marketplace.

Remaining the innovation leader in the industry requires commitment to constantly perfect each product and service we offer.

This is and will remain our maxim for Our emphasis is on our unique competence in lenses and frames and we position ourself as the leading partner for opticians — entirely in the spirit of our claim: See better. Look perfect. We are orientating our international organisation even more stringently around the requirements of the respective markets. The core of the new organisational model is better integration of sales and marketing.

In the future, these two areas will cooperate even more efficiently in order to operate as closely as possible for the respective markets, recognising local needs in the best possible way and servicing them with optimum offers. In October , Rodenstock became the first manufacturer worldwide to launch an iPad app for lens consulting in the optical retail market. The application, which has been successfully launched in more than 50 countries, has already been downloaded around 2, times up to the end of January.

It gives opticians a new dimension of modern customer consulting. Whether simple single-vision lenses or individual progressive lenses, the application vividly shows the differences and benefits of different Rodenstock products, and supports the sales discussion using the latest standards of modern technology.

We are happy to be the first manufacturer to offer our customers this consulting application. Besides conventional promotional sales material, the demand for mobile consulting programs is increasing.

Our claim here as well is to always be offering state-of-the-art products to give our customers the best possible support. Another interesting new development is our visible branding. Its positioning on the lens is aesthetically perfect and harmonious. To opticians, it is a helpful, convincing sales argument for high-quality branded lenses from Rodenstock. Only genuine with the R signature.



PDF Brochure 3. PDF Brochure 4. PDF Brochure 9. Chevrolet became a subsidiary of General Motors GM in as the automakers low-priced brand.



See you in Milan! Please summarise the key developments. The highlight in the field of lenses at Opti was an absolute world premier — EyeLT, our innovation for better vision. With it, Rodenstock once again emphasised its role as a leader in innovation. Visitors were able to get a look at the work of Rodenstock Manufaktur live at the booth.


Chevrolet PDF Sales Brochures

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