Shelves: new-adult-college , paranormal-romance , reapers-necromancers-death-agents Some implied face-palming may be present in this review. I had high hopes for Ceaseless, especially after being pleasantly surprised by the second book and the extra PoV after book 2. When I picked this up, I was hoping for a fun night with some sexual brain candy. Book 3 felt like a tacked-on installment. We go back to the Jay "whatever that was" part of this mess, which had no real merit because his part in the story was filler. Either that, or 2.

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Chapter Thirteen Dank The soul that threatened my success in winning Pagan back came walking out of her dorm while I was waiting for her to come outside. I swung my leg over my Harley and stood up. What the hell was he doing in her dorm? There had better be a real good reason for the silly smile on his face. I fisted both hands and stalked toward him. This is supposed to happen. She is going to reconnect with her soul mate.

Their souls have to connect Dank. I hated it, but I knew it. My thoughts were disrupted when the door to her building opened and Pagan stepped outside. My heart slammed against my chest at the site of her. She was in a pair of shorts that were entirely too short for her to wear in public, and her shirt left nothing to the imagination. I saw her frown and followed her gaze to the boy waiting for her. Screw the rules. A small smile touched her lips and I wanted to pound my chest in jubilation.

She was happy to see me. I had to stop doing that. You coming? I made him nervous; I could feel his fear. Shoot him down. Pagan looked back at me and I seriously considered begging. She pressed her lips together then turned her eyes back toward Jay. I thought you were leaving. Miranda has a car. The urge to reach out and pull her close to me and send a possessive warning to the boy was overwhelming but I kept myself in check.

I cut my eyes in his direction and he stiffened. Yeah, he better get the warning. Not that it is your business. Jay opened his mouth and I pulled back my lips in a snarl. He stopped. Smart boy. Shaking his head he turned and walked off. I reached down and threaded my fingers through hers. Where to? I can promise you that you will be completely safe.

Finally, she nodded. Pulling it out of the back compartment I put it on her head and fastened it. She was adorable. I really should have gotten one of these sooner.

Smoking hot. I got on the bike and held my hand out to her. When she slid her arms around me and her hands grabbed tightly to the tee shirt covering my stomach, I closed my eyes and sighed.

Yeah, this was good. Real good. Pagan Riding the back of a motorcycle pressed tightly up against Dank Walker was one of those experiences that all females should have before they die. Nothing compared to it. The dark exotic smell that was his alone invaded my senses. My fingers and palms kept grazing his abs and oh my, were his abs nice. He had more than just a six-pack. I fought the need to slip my hands under his shirt just to see what the skin covering such a perfect stomach felt like.

Unfortunately our ride was over too soon. Dank got off the bike and helped me get off. I was a little unsteady but it worked out to my advantage because he took my waist and pulled me up against his chest.

Now I knew what that chest felt like. I was very excited about getting near that stomach and chest. A lot. I swallowed hard and nodded. Might as well be honest. I liked it a lot too. I really wanted to see it bare. I decided to be brave. However, can we do it when there are no people around us? Had I ever done something like that? It was liberating. It was a seat-yourself kind of place so Dank led us to the far corner table for two. He pulled out my chair for me; I was positive no one had ever done that before.

Once he was seated he leaned forward and his blue eyes were almost close to the glowing look they often got. All I can think about is the fact you want my shirt off. The place was busy, but not too crowded. We had a small amount of privacy where we were sitting. If you want something, ask me.

That was, uh, a little intense. He was definitely interested in me. There was no question. He liked me as much as I liked him. She was drinking in Dank. Not one bit. She left and I looked back at Dank. He frowned and leaned back in his seat. Now he looked worried. How did someone like him appear so hard and untouchable one minute, then sensitive and hurt the next? He was one big contradiction. You always do. He woke us up banging on our door. Jay was with him. I was worried I had some competition.

For me? Oh my. Dank explained that we needed a few more minutes.


Ceaseless (2000)

Search The Empire Chronicles 2. I will come right out and say I was pretty close to tears on the Prologue. She must pass this test. Can he make her fall in love with him… again? There are moments that will break your heart and then moments that will turn you into a puddle of goo. Obsidian Lux — Book One. By having Pagan lose her memories, it made it understandable.


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