Zol is a South African slang term for a cannabis cigarette. However, the high values attributed to those rare tiles can easily make up for the struggle of forming words with them. For example, one well-placed Z, which is worth 10 points, could boost your score much more significantly than a one-point A or N. It makes sense that less common letters would be worth more points, but how did game makers decide exactly how to distribute them? It all started during the Great Depression, when an unemployed architect named Alfred Mosher Butts passed the time by studying games like bingo, chess, and anagrams.

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Chatterton was nicknamed "Chat", which may then have become "Chad". Chad" was based on a diagram representing an electrical circuit. One correspondent said that a man named Dickie Lyle was at RAF Yatesbury in , and he drew a version of the diagram as a face when the instructor had left the room and wrote "Wot, no leave? No electrons? It was, however, widely in use by the late part of the war and in the immediate post-war years, with slogans ranging from the simple "What, no bread?

Chad along with the phrase "Wot—no Fuehrer? The cartoon is occasionally sighted today as "Kilroy was here", [8] but "Chad" and his complaints have long fallen from popular use, although they continue to be seen occasionally on walls and in references in popular culture. Smoe[ edit ] "Smoe" redirects here. For the fictional name, see Joe Shmoe. Writing about the Kilroy phenomenon in , The Milwaukee Journal describes the doodle as the European counterpart to "Kilroy was here", under the name Smoe.

It also says that Smoe was called Clem in the African theater. While Kilroy enjoyed a resurgence of interest after the war due to radio shows and comic writers, the name Smoe had already disappeared by the end of Chad or Luke the Spook was the name of the figure, and that Kilroy was unpictured.

The editor suggested that the names were all synonymous early in the war, then later separated into separate characters. He, too, Sees it all. Hunnicutt Mike Farrell peers out from behind the window, his hands and nose resting on its top edge.

Roboto " revealing who Kilroy was. Dennis DeYoung , the lead vocalist of Styx, had the nickname of Kilroy. In subsequent interviews he stated that the song was about him. In the American animated series Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? In the Canadian animated series Total Drama Island , a Kilroy graffiti appears in the toilets where the characters tell of their past life in the camp.


Panati's Extraordinary Origins Of Everyday Things

The impetus for me to expose the dangers of getting involved with witch doctors was a man from in Africa recently contacted me for deliverance prayer. He went to witch doctors which resulted in him picking up a lot of demons. He told me something was always moving in his body and his body had burning sensations for several years — he was always in pain. He told me he went to the doctor but the doctor found nothing wrong with him. I thought he could very well have demons since some infirmities can be caused by demons. Indeed, Job had boils and it was by the affliction of satan.


Charles Panati

Are you an author? Halo to Star of David 9. Books by Charles Panati Charles Panati, a former physicist and for panahi years a science editor for Newsweek, has made a career out of exploring the origins of things. Add your preferred email address and password to your account. Saints And Their Bones If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice.


Why Is Opening an Umbrella Indoors Supposed to Be Bad Luck?



Charles Panati


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