An established technique is revisited with new technologies. Conversely, the rapid loss of surface gloss and surface degradation of prefabricated resin veneers linked to some interfacial defects led the system to be soon abandoned. Recently, the concept of prefabricated veneers was revitalized, leading to the launch of two composite systems and one ceramic system. Among the two composite options, the Edelweiss system exhibits superior properties and is taking advantage of new technologies, which enables the veneers to exhibit a hard and glossy surface. Indications The aforementioned prefabricated veneer systems do not aim to systematically replace the well-established individualized porcelain veneer technique, but rather offer an alternative to direct, freehand composite veneers, which is a delicate and time-consuming technique. The prefabricated veneers then present an obvious potential in the following indications: 1.

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The dental veneers are divided into two types depending on the material they are made of, which can be composite or porcelain, but within that differentiation, we can find several subtypes. In this case, the Componeer veneers which are a subtype of composite veneers and have the advantage of being manufactured unlike the traditional composite to be manufactured directly on the tooth.

Componeer Veneers are manufactured by the laboratory Coltene, so only dentists who work with products of this laboratory can perform treatments with porcelain veneers. In total there are 30 different forms of Componeer veneers which are being used. They have a thickness of just 0. Advantages of Componeer These veneers combine the benefits of composite veneers made in a laboratory. Being prefabricated, it is not dependent on the skill of the dentist. They require virtually cut enamel.

Normally, prefabricated porcelain veneers require grinding tooth enamel, which can cause sensitivity and make treatment irreversible. Componeers do not need detail the tooth, or at least cut would be minimal, between 0. The procedure of placing porcelain veneers is quick and simple. The dentist does not have to scrub the tooth or need to take action since the Componeer are already made. In addition, the dentist does not need building them and shaping them on the fly as with the usual composite, which can take hours.

The Componeer are simply placed on the tooth, stick, and are filed to give the best finish. There is no pain and sensitivity and it is another benefit due to the absence of carving tooth enamel. You do not need anesthesia as well at the time of placement and there is no tooth sensitivity after the placement.

This treatment is completely reversible, and you can remove the veneers and restore the previous state of tooth if necessary. These prefabricated componeer veneers are economic as the cost of this treatment is lower than usual.

Typically, they cost half as porcelain veneers. Steps for Placement of Componeer Veneers The following steps are taken during the visit where the process of placing the componeer veneers is carried; Selection and test veneers to use for size and shape Preparation of teeth with a possible minimum cut Definitive proof of veneers on the teeth to ready for Componeer Preparation of veneers i.


Prefabricated Veneers

To correct midline diastema, attrition, abrasion, erosion Cosmetic correction [4,5] Contraindications Severe bruxism and active caries. This paper demonstrates the use of componeers in three different clinical situations-esthetic restoration of fractured anterior tooth, diastema closure and masking of fluorosis stains. Case 1 A year-old boy reported to a private clinic with moderate fluorosis and midline diastema Figure 1. A treatment plan for componeers was discussed with the patient and planned accordingly. Figure 1. Midline diastema and mild fluorosis stains are visible. Teeth were isolated with rubber dam and the minimal tooth preparation was done.


Porcelain Veneers, Lumineers and Componeers



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