You will learn how to configure the ADC of F We will provide the basic driver and you need to develop a program to detect the brightness by using photoresistor. Analog signals are very common in nature world. Converting the analog signals into digital format is very important when we use the resistive sensors. Understand Fig. Look at the conversion result shown in Fig.

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ADC with water But what if water flow never ends? The answer is ADC. This is the process of making a continous flow a discrete, finite value. And this is about resolution, one important property of ADC and this is also about clock speed The higher the resolution, the more accurate the results. Now, what if the water flow is so high that your glass gets filled before the end of the sample time? On the contrary, the water flow may be so low samples you extract may not be relevant related to the glass size only few drops.

Fortunately, you can use a smaller glass yes, scenario need to scale down your sample. That is about voltage reference, another important property. Leaving our glass of water, many PICs provide several ADC channels: pins that can do this process, measuring voltage as input.

ADC with jallib We thus need to know, for each PIC, where analog pins are Luckily most of these differences are transparent to users But before this, you have to understand one very important point: some PICs have their analog pins dependent from each other, some PICs have their analog pins independent from each other.

Then PCFG bits must be set to 0b What will then be the analog pins? So, for this PIC, analog pins are dependent from each other, driven by a combination.

OK, there are ANS bits, one for each analog pins. Setting an ANS bit to 1 sets the corresponding pin to analog. This means I can set whatever pin I want to be analog.

These procedures takes a analog pin number as argument. Say analog pin AN5 is on pin RB6. First have a look at its datasheet, if you can a table like the one for 16F, there are dependent. Finally, if you get an error like: "Unable to configure ADC channels. Once configured, using ADC is easy.



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ADC - Analog-to-Digital Conversion

Wouter is absolutely correct here. If the datasheet says 2. That may not be a useful current for your application! What else can the datasheet say to make this any clearer? To participate you need to register. Sign up using Email and Password.

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