Malakasa This value, too, can be used to check the wiring in case of functional faults. Password Tersys parameters are protected from unintended change by password. To ensure optimal EMC resistance, we recommend to use the cables djsomat for the single fieldbuses. For details, please see technical data of individual bus system.

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CET Service specialists are available to you in every department during our normal office hours for analying problems and malfunctions. Schedule an appointment with us whenever you need it. Any reproduction of this documentation, regardless of method, without prior permission by Schenck Process GmbH in writing, even by excerpt, is prohibited.

Subject to change without prior notice. Contents 1. On Manual. Safety Instructions. System Overview. Desk-top Housing VTG Planning Aids. E 24VDC. The functionalities of single scales and interfaces are described in the relevant scale manuals. The present manual is valid from firmware version Vxxyy For further reading For further information, please refer to the documents below. Safety Instructions Use As Originally Intended The measuring system and its connected mechanical components are exclusively designed for weighing and controlling tasks.

Any use other than originally intended is considered inappropriate. Sources of Danger No danger originates from the measuring system itself, if it is properly installed and commissioned. However, danger can arise from transit of material to be weighed e. Residual risks may originate from the measuring system if unskilled operators improperly handle the system. The measuring system can be part of a more complex plant. The user is fully responsible for the overall plant safety.

The presence of this symbol indicates that the machine or component used has the potential to cause damage to the measuring system or other plant sections. Personnel Preparation, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and servicing may exclusively be performed by skilled persons only.

All persons working on the measuring system are required to observe the safety hints and know the parts of the technical documentation relevant to their work. The supervisor is responsible for instructing his operators to observe all regulations and instructions given.

Parameters incorrectly set may cause injuries or damage to the machine whenever a user control system is connected. They can also adversely affect weighing operation. Password Software parameters are protected from unintended change by password.

The measuring system user has to ensure safe password handling. Error Message Acknowledgement Error messages may be acknowledged only after cause of fault has been remedied. Before you acknowledge an error message, check to see that connected peripherals properly operate. Check to see that connected control systems, if any, are in fail-safe state. Maintenance and Repair During maintenance and repair, observe any warning symbols on the scale.

Before performing work on the mechanical system or peripherals particularly the control system , disconnect the measuring system and protect the system from inadvertent restart. Before performing work on the electrical equipment, disconnect the power supply. Observe housing protection standards. This particularly applies to modifications, which have the potential to affect the operating safety of the measuring system. If other makes are used, the warranty will be void.

Schenck Process GmbH Housing 4. Desk-top Housing VTG 4. Housing The mechanical installation depends on the selected type of housing. Installation Prerequisites n n The housing is protected against water jets to IP Base Unit Fig.

Installation Prerequisites n n n The housing is protected to IP The device is equipped with corresponding type plate. If the appertaining load cells are also mounted in Zone 2, or Zone 22, protective circuitry to EExi can be omitted. For safety hints, see Technical Data. Hook device into wall holders and secure using two bolts.

Provide panel cut-outs of x Base Unit apr. Fieldbox VFG 4. The housing is protected from water jets to IP Housing is designed for wall mounting or fixation on bracket. Accessories for anti-vibration installation fixation on crane are optionally available. Local Box VVG 4. VVG is used if no control or display unit is provided but interfaces or binary signals are required locally. Connectors Fig. Schenck Process GmbH Connectors 4. Interfaces Connectors 5.

Interfaces The following interfaces are available: For wiring diagrams, see pages to follow. If the application requires more than one serial interface, interface expansion VSS can be employed. Please note that then no further fieldbus module can be used. Schenck Process GmbH Connectors 5. Interfaces 5. Electric Wiring Fig.

Manipulation of dongle leads to the loss of calibration data. Disconnect power. Open device and dongle housing from the side using a screw driver.

Perform parameterization and calibration as described in the Operating manual.. Assemble parts of the dongle plastic housing using clips. In case of verification, bond stamp onto housing seam. When used in dust explosive atmospheres, the type of protection is essential for the compliance with the explosion protection requirements.

To ensure the high degree of protection: n Observe proper clamping range of cable screwed connections. In the safe area, the sealing ring may be exchanged; certified screwed connections must be replaced in set. Remove clamping nut and press in plug flush with the screwed connection outer edge. Remount clamping nut and tighten. In critical locations, e. Legal-For-Trade Memory Modules VMM Designed for storage of legal-for-trade data, the legal-for-trade memory modules replace a tally-tape printer or any external legal-for-trade memory.

The modules are not protected from removal. The system identifies a missing memory module automatically and outputs an error message upon the next storage attempt. Interfaces Connectors Data Organization Data stored in the legal-for-trade memory cannot neither be manipulated nor loaded down with the use of standard tools.

The module is organized as ring buffer, i. System checks to see if the data to be overwritten have the predefined minimum age.

If this is not the case, data remain stored and system outputs error message. We suggest to replace memory module. X20, Pin No. Analog Output For subsequent mounting of analog output VEA , dismantle device: — Separate keyboard, display and lighting cables. A fieldbox with a high degree of protection is available. Interfaces Fig. Do not use any external circuitry to invert this logic; this would affect wire-break safety and disable further processing of signals in DISOMAT.

The entire signal chain is designed so that the device identifies logical HIGH if switch is activated, and logical LOW in case of wire breakage. Under unfavourable conditions, communication errors can occur in spite of proper connection of the ICP modules.

The use of a bus termination as shown below offers a reliable remedy. When using an ICP , this type of circuitry is highly recommended. The passive bus connection can then be omitted. Schenck Process GmbH 5. Interfaces Connectors Jumper Position To select maximum output load, set jumper JP1 accordingly: — Internal position: default ohms max.

Fieldbus Interfaces Connectors 5. Fieldbus Interfaces 5.



Karamar A fieldbox with a high degree of protection is available. Installation Prerequisites n n n The housing is protected to IP The firmware and all individual set parameters are backed up and restored in next to no time. Local Box VVG 4. Other benefits at a glance: No special jumper position must be observed. In the safe area, the sealing ring may be exchanged; certified screwed connections must be replaced in set. In operation with two measuring channels: Sources of Danger No danger originates from the measuring system itself, if it is properly installed and commissioned.





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