We have detected that you are using an Ad Blocker and kindly ask you to consider placing Cadalyst. Ads help support our ability to provide you all our articles and papers at no cost to you. Thank you for your consideration and support. The location of the building on the site, its basic form and orientation, its internal layout and external materials selection, its fenestration -- all of these factors are set very early on in the design process and often with no analysis data to support the decisions. My previous article in this column looked at Autodesk Green Building Studio, a web-based energy analysis service that can help architects and designers perform whole building analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process. Built specifically by architects and focused on the building design process, Autodesk Ecotect is an environmental analysis tool that allows designers to simulate the performance of their building projects right from the earliest stages of conceptual design.

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Autodesk is discontinuing Ecotect Analysis. This document provides common questions and answers about this transition. Solution: Why is Autodesk discontinuing Ecotect Analysis? One element of this evolution has been to integrate functionality similar to Ecotect Analysis into the Revit product family. This work is now at a point where, effective March 20, , licenses to Autodesk Ecotect Analysis will no longer be available for purchase. This change will allow Autodesk to shift resources, maximizing development efforts on BIM and cloud-based solutions for building performance analysis and visualization.

When will Ecotect Analysis be discontinued? After March 20, , additional licenses will not be available. You may add Subscription to existing Ecotect licenses until that time. Will my license for Ecotect Analysis remain valid? Yes, if you hold a perpetual license for Ecotect Analysis, you may continue to use the software in accordance to your licensing agreement. As an existing customer, will I be able to purchase additional licenses for Ecotect Analysis ?

Can I renew my Ecotect Analysis subscription? Yes, you can renew your subscription, and you will continue to receive subscription benefits. What alternative solutions does Autodesk offer for key Ecotect Analysis features? Key Ecotect solutions are now available in the Revit environment. Here is a list of the most widely performed Ecotect tasks and how they can now be addressed with Revit: Solar Analysis: Revit now includes a solar analysis plug-in that incorporates a more advanced algorithm than the one used by Ecotect.

With this new plug-in, analysis is fully integrated with Revit. You can visualize and quantify the distribution of solar radiation for any date and time and directly display the results on your model. Sun and Shadow Studies: The interactive sun path tool within Revit allows the sun path to be visualized to study the impact of natural light and shadows on the exteriors and interiors of the project for any location. This tool is fully integrated with Revit and can be used to create solar studies for any moment in time, in addition to any specified time range.

Daylighting and Lighting: Revit can now perform daylighting and electric lighting analysis using Lighting Analysis for Revit. The analysis uses the fast cloud service of Autodesk Rendering to expose electric and solar lighting results directly on the Revit model.

Lighting Analysis for Revit allows you to input your location, time, as well as your preferred sky model, and the results have been validated against Radiance. You can calculate the thermal loads for you project, taking into account internal loads, solar stress, and the effect of the building envelope. You can then calculate heating and cooling loads for models and analyze the effects of occupancy, internal gains, infiltration, and equipment.

Whole building energy analysis: The integrated Energy Analysis for Revit has been enhanced in Revit and beyond to support more detailed building elements. The improved workflow creates an energy analytical model directly from a Revit model, and returns results within Revit.

Analysis is performed using Green Building Studio, and allows you to calculate total energy use and cost on an annual, monthly, daily, and hourly basis, using a global database of weather information.

You also have the ability to customize the visual representation of the data reported back to you through Green Building Studio. Weather data visualization: This functionality has been available in Revit since and more recently FormIt. The weather data that is represented in these tools comes from the Autodesk Climate Server, which contains over a million virtual weather stations that are based on sound meteorological science and research.

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Motaur Acquired by Autodesk in Junethe software combines a wide array of analysis functions — including shadows, shading, solar, lighting, thermal, ventilation, and acoustics — with a highly visual and interactive display that presents analytical results directly within the context of the building model. This tutorial courtesy of Autodesk. At the onset of the design process, early-stage, Revit-based massing models can be used in combination with the site analysis functionality to determine the optimal location, shape, and orientation of a building design based on fundamental environmental factors such as daylight, overshadowing, solar access, and visual impact. Autodesk Ecotect can also be used for detailed design ecotcet. Early-stage, Revit-based massing models can be used in combination with the site analysis tutirial to determine the optimal location, shape, and orientation of a building design based on fundamental environmental factors such as the overshadowing of a particular building highlighted in red shown here.


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