As a ministry, counseling must be defined according to sound biblical theology rather than secular principles of psychology. For over four decades, biblical theology has been at the core of the biblical counseling movement. Leaders in biblical counseling have emphasized a commitment to teaching doctrine in their counseling courses out of the conviction that good theology leads to good counseling…and bad theology leads to bad counseling. A Theology of Biblical Counseling is a landmark new book that covers the history of the biblical counseling movement, the core convictions that underlie sound counseling, and practical wisdom for counseling today. Heath Lambert shows how biblical counseling is rooted in the Scriptures while illustrating the real challenges counselors face today through true stories from the counseling room. A substantive textbook written in accessible language, it is an ideal resource for use in training biblical counselors at colleges, seminaries, and training institutes.

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L arry Crabb is continually one of my favorite Christian psychologists, and in this book he offers a basic summary and outline of what he believes to be the — as the title denotes — the basic principles which should be employed for biblical counseling. Crabb operates off of what might be called the cognitive-behavioral approach to psychology, as seen through a Christian lens. We need, really need, to be loved as we are, loved at our worst. We need to regard ourselves as worthwhile.

In order to do so, we must not only be significant but also be secure in the unconditional love of another person. We need relationship. Science by itself can provide neither. It can attach greater or lesser probability to hypothesis but it can never prove a single proposition… if there really is a personal God, then there is a truth about people and their problems which can provide the necessary foundation or framework for variety in counseling technique. And basic truth apart from God cannot be known with certainty apart from revelation.

The need to be significant can be met only by glorifying God in my life by surrendering to Him. Christianity demands that I trust God to be faithful. Because He is sovereign, I must either thank Him or blame Him for what happens to me. I am to actualize in my immediate experience that which God says is true: I am dead to sin.

In other words, I am to identify with Christ in His death by doing with sin exactly what He did with sin. Ordained PCA. May or may not be a Time Lord. Share this:.


Book Review: Basic Principles of Biblical Counseling – By Larry Crabb

According to Crabb , maturity consists of both spiritual and psychological maturity that results in obedience and character growth p. Development of Problems and Personal Need Crabb suggests that the overarching need of humanity is a sense of value or worth pp. A sense of worth is determined by two inputs, which consist of significance and security Crabb, , p. Significance is defined as a sense of purpose or adequacy, while security is defined as a sense of unflappable acceptance Crabb, , p. Crabb asserts that problems develop when significance and security are threatened, and the individual attempts to overcome a sense of worthlessness by believing the lie that worth can be obtained outside of Christ pp.


Effective Biblical Counseling: A Model for Helping Caring Christians Become Capable Counselors

Larry Crabb author brings out a model of counseling which can be gracefully integrated into the functioning of the local church. As he says that in dealing with distressed people, counselors who are part of the same local church and who therefore know the members will be able to mobilize resources of friendship, care, practical helps and prayer in the service of the clients. The functioning of the Christian professionals will be twofold: 1 Train gifted Christians in the local church to counsel and 2 offer backup resources where needed. Every Christian is called to a ministry of encouraging and helping others, especially those in the household of faith. The need is to challenge, encourage and assist members of local churches to get on with the job of one-anothering: love one another, bear one anothers burden, and pray for one another. Encouragement is one kind of counseling ministry available to every Christian.

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