Dakasa The private game is located and displayed at the top of the game list 3. Adjust the sensitivity of your digital brake control. PRACTICE The Practice sessions, as their name suggests, are simply Practice stages designed to help you put your car through its paces on the track that you will race on later in the race weekend. Create Player Icont. Watch the current rep [ay ftte at high speed.

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After the short Loading sequence, the session status display appears. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Replay Fidelity Vary the detail of replays a higher setting increases processing time and file size. When your crew are ready for you to stop, they confirm via radio.

If you make your pit stop before the pit crew are ready, it may take longer to make your pit stop cballenge planned. The Select Nationality screen challengs. Drive Icon Having adjusted the GEARING BIAS, return to the session status display, dick the Drive icon and complete a few more laps of the Ai-Ring, paying particular attention to your top speed and the amount of RPM displayed before you reach your braking point on the longest straight You will notice that the engine is now revving much manuao than previously as you reach the breaking point.

RedOctane will manyal be liable from injuries resulting from improper use of the Controller. Chalpenge Indicates whether the tires should be changed at the next pit stop and, if so, which compound should be used.

Ensure you have selected your Player identity and then choose Multiplayer game mode from the Main menu. Hi Assign as Favorite Icon Once you perfect your Vehicle Setups, you may wish to save them as your optimum Vehicle Setup for the selected circuit in order to do this, highlight a saved Setup and dick the Assign as Favorite icon.

To sot up a Test Bay: Adjust the sensitivity of your digital brake control. Left-dickthe arrows to choose a game mode Game Modes on p. The red LEDs flash on and off if you have been disqualified. The starting positions of all challnege for the current session are shown. Watch the current rep [ay ftte at high speed.

Instant Replay Set the period of time to be replayed when an instant replay is activated from seconds. Player Identity Icon 1, At the Players screen, click the Selected Player arrows to choose the name of the player you want to delete. Current Vour current lap time.

It Is important to turn in early and smoothly, as dramatic changes of direction can lead to a catastrophic spin. First ensure that you have rain tires Fitted and then experiment with lowering Spring Rate, the Front and Rear An th Roll Bar, and Tire pressure one by one in order to make the car less twitchy. This is your last chance to ensure that you are totally dialed into the circuit before the race begins, so use the time allotted to your advantage.

Click the Options icons at the bottom of the Options screen to access detailed options for Difficulty. I We recommend that you have at least MB of free space on your hard drive before attempting to record replays.

Stop playing the replay file at the current position. Make changes to Fast Bump and Slow Bump damping. Adjust sensitivity of your cahllenge throttle control. Practice four sessionsQualifying, Warm Up, and Race. Create Player Icont. Adjust the sensitivity of your digital steering control.

Remove the last bookmark you added. Follow the inside of the cornerp creating a long apex, and accelerate out. By adjusting just one simple factor you have already found a way to make your car faster.

These allow you to quickly jump between key moments: The company maintains operations in the U. Race Length Make races longer or shorter. Reduced weight transfer means that you need to brake earlier and lighter in order to slow the car sufficiently and amnual locking up the wheels.

The higher the setting the more your virtual self leans manuql head into the turn. IV 1 Mechanicai and Aero: While the Front Wing, Challenhe Wing, and Gearing are key aspects of the car setup, you are aware xhallenge now that there are many other aspects that can be adjusted. As we have already reduced the Front and Rear Wings to their minimum settings we know that drag is not the factor preventing us from achieving maximum RPM.

Click the icon twice to activate double -speed reverse scan. The winner is the driver who has earned the rnost points throughout the year. The blue LEDs flash when you are about to be lapped and are challegne to give way to the lead car behind. Adjust the sensitivity of your inputs to be more or less sensitive at high speeds. Under these circumstances you must protect your position by remaining on the inside while approaching the hairpin.

Click the Create icon at the bottom of the Lobby screen. Related Posts


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