An Australian in Singapore. One of my favourite amps to use for recording and great for gigs where you can crank it. A few things to be aware of, which will sound like negatives and some of them are, but they need to be said. Channel switching on the early models really sucks. You will get a loud thunk every time you use the footswitch.

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Permalink I love how people cry, whine and defame a great Fender high gain amp. I own 3 of these amps, 2 heads and one combo. I tried to like the Super Sonic combo, but ended up with my used prosonic combo instead.

Very happy and the verb sounds great. I sold all of those other amps and keep playing the Prosonic. These amps require time and patience to attain your sound. Tiny increments on the active eq shapes tone, along with which class you choose. I use all mine stock, and they preform great on stage and recording. They sound great simply plugged in without a bunch of pedals in the way. I have both a red snake skin LO model along with 2 CR models.

The tonal difference is negligible to me. And- a post above is correct, None of these were ever Custom Shop amps. Only CS designed by Zinky. The Combo weight according to my Fender manual says 48 us pounds. To clear up some strange post above, the combo is wired to 16 ohm load. When using an extra external cab with the internal speakers using the external speaker jack, it taps to an 8ohm load all in my manual. Granted you are smart enough to use a 16 ohm external cab! Read up on mis matching impedance.

The community that has these rarely will sell them, so that should tell you something.


Fender Prosonic Amp 2-Channel 60-Watt 2x10" Guitar Combo 1996 - 2001

Its most unusual feature is the switchable rectifier and power amplifier bias scheme, allowing on-the-fly changes of operating mode and output power as well as subjective tonal differences. Listed at 60 watts R. Tube rectification with fixed bias marked "AB2". Listed at 50 watts R. Tube rectification with cathode bias marked "A". Listed at 30 watts R. Unlike many amplifiers marketed as "Class A", the Prosonic truly functions as a Class A power amplifier in the "A" position.


Fender Prosonic



Fender Prosonic, any good?


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