Introduction[ edit ] The Foreigner series opens with the failure of a starship. A brief preamble to the first book describes a system failure that leaves the starship Phoenix stranded in some far-flung reach of space, without any idea of how to get home, completely unable even to locate Sol in the visible stars. Sketched in the preamble is the heroic effort to refuel Phoenix in the environs of a hostile sun, and navigate the lost starship to a more habitable environment. Lost to this effort are many of the best and bravest of the crew.

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Hardcover 1 The twenty-first book in the beloved Foreigner saga continues the adventures of diplomat Bren Cameron, advisor to the atevi head of state. Advise her. Advise her—perhaps. As for protection, she has a trainload of high-level Guild. But since the aiji-dowager has also invited a dangerously independent young warlord, Machigi, and a young man who may be the heir to Ajuri, a key northern province—the natural question is why the dowager is taking this ill-assorted pair to Hasjuran and what on this earth she may be up to.

With a Shadow Guild attack on the train station, it has become clear that others have questions, too. Hasjuran, on its mountain height, overlooks the Marid, a district that is part of the atevi nation only in name—a district in which Machigi is one major player, and where the Shadow Guild retains a major stronghold.

Protect her? Ilisidi is hellbent on settling scores with the Shadow Guild, and her reasons for this trip and this company now become clear. One human diplomat and his own bodyguard suddenly seem a very small force to defend her from what she is setting in motion.


Foreigner Guidebook.

The Collected Short Fiction of C. Cherryh got inspired to write in at the age of 10 after the cancellation of her favorite childhood show, Flash Gordon. At the age of 23, she acquired a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Latin the University Of Oklahoma with academic specializations in archeology, mythology and history of Engineering. A year later in , she received yet another Bachelor Degree in Classic from John Hopkins University from where she was a registered Woodrow Wilson fellow.


Foreigner Series

Review contains fanart and images done by me. Let me tell you something about sci-fi books But for some reason, sci-fi books are generally on a completely different level for me. I have ventured into sci-fi territory before And, occasionally, I would find something "comprehensible" enough for my fairies-and-dragons-obsessed brain.

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