The keyboard and mouse ports are labeled with an icon, located at the bottom of the switch, to indicate which is which. Page 12 Port 2 computer see p. Repeat the above step for your sec- ond computer. Turn on the power to the computers and refer to Operations Instructions. Basic Hotkeys to switch ports The most basic hotkey operation for this unit is to switch ports between the two connected computers.

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If using a wireless keyboard and mouse whose receiver has only one USB plug, make sure it is inserted into the keyboard port and not the mouse port. Plug your monitor into the VGA port on the side of the switch. Page 8: Operation Operation Switching between computers Toggle keys By default, all of the following commands begin by pressing the [Scroll Lock] key twice.

If you have one of these keyboards you must use the alternate toggle key of [Control] instead. To exit Auto Scan mode, press [Esc] or [Spacebar]. Page 10 Advanced Hotkeys You may enter advanced hotkey mode by pressing and holding [Num Lock] on the number pad, then pressing the [-] key on the number pad and immediately releasing both keys.

On Apple keyboards the [Clear] key on the number pad should be used in place of [Num Lock]. If you have done this correctly the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock lights on the keyboard should begin flashing.

Page 11 Mac keyboard Clear Minus Each time you enter this command the toggle key will switch between the default of [Scroll Lock] and the alternate of [Control]. Open a word processor before using this command in order to see how the KVM is configured. Make sure you: 1. Visit www. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential setting.

ANSI ASQ Z1.4 2003 PDF

IOGear MiniView GCS632U Installation Manual

The hotkey combination for quickly switching ports is pressing the scroll Lock key twice in rapid succession. Additional Hotkey sequences are available by invoking the HotKey mode: Press and hold [Num Lock] then simultaneously press and hold the minus key for 1 second. This will switch the KVM to the selected port number and exit Hotkey mode. Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Wireless keyboards and mice usage with KVMs is pretty hit or miss; mainly caused by the very different way in which wireless peripherals communicate and keyboard mouse emulation on the KVM side.


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