Part Retracement Rule 6. After measuring the relation of m0 to m1, we pick up one or several of the conditions and mark the waves with the corresponding structure labels. Condition a. In this case, the first or second monowave immediately after the end of m1 may start a complex correction moving in the opposite direction of m1, representing the x-wave.

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Many trading services offer advice that is contradictory or difficult to decipher. These ramblings might cover every scenario or hedge every bet. With no specific advice offered, readers are left wondering: How long do I hold my trade? Where do I put my stops? When do I get in? Get out? Making money is in the details. In fact, many NEoWave clients are professional money managers, brokers, and traders. And many have been customers for more than 20 years! With a focus on effective trades and capital preservation, this trading service offers an uncommon level of detail and specificity.

No guesswork is required. This service does the work for you — just read the updates and place your orders. This trading service provides detailed recommendations for all major world equities, commodities, currencies, and fixed income. In addition, orthodox Wave Theory can produce questionable results: Do your market predictions often miss the mark? Do you produce contradictory bearish and bullish scenarios? Does your analysis yield real-world trading profits? Create more accurate forecasts — without contradictory scenarios.

Become a better trader. In addition, with conventional Elliott Wave Theory the analyst hopes the market will move up or down a certain number of Waves. Using NEoWave techniques, you make sure after the fact that a pattern did not take too much or too little time, that it was not too complex or too simple, and the post-pattern price action achieved the minimum movement necessary to solidify the prior pattern.

Our customers often ask if there is an automated trading and forecasting software available, specifically an Elliott Wave software program. Unfortunately, no software program can predict how the markets will move. Glenn Neely is author of the classic Mastering Elliott Wave — a step-by-step guide to the most logical, objective Wave forecasting approach ever created. In this book, Mr. Neely presents his revolutionary techniques to objectively analyze market conditions based on his decades of Wave analysis and real-time trading.

This unprecedented enhancement of Wave theory presents a more comprehensive and more accurate method to conduct Wave analysis. Without your guidance, I would never have made the fortune I have.


NEoWave Video Workshops by Glenn Neely

His now-famous NEoWave forecasting methodology provides a precise, step-by-step, logical assessment of market structure, which typically leads to more accurate forecasts. What is Elliott Wave theory? The Elliott Wave Principle, named for its discoverer, Ralph Nelson Elliott, quite simply measures how groups of people behave. One of the easiest places to see this phenomenon at work is in the financial markets, where changing investor psychology is reflected in the form of price movements.


NeoWave. Part 11. Retracement rule 7.


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