Read an Excerpt Chapter One Thick, firm and curved just right, the shiny red skin stretched taut over hot seed and juice. Devi Malik squeezed the turgid flesh. The kitchen door burst open. When had spicy become the new black?

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I can already hear you: Only two stars? Did you hate it?! Yes, only two. No, I did not. But there are parts that really pissed me off. But lets dive into it from the start. I love the premise. A chubby, voluptuous shy young woman gets the opportunity to an amazing threesome with impossibly attractive dark twins.

They have amazing sex, there is a little drama, and the former insecure girl blooms into the sexual being she always was, finding love among the way in form of two fantastic men. I like Devi I can already hear you: Only two stars? I like Devi a lot. What I also like about the novel is the break with perfect white protagonists. The author is a skilled writer regarding language use, but I do think her plotting and character set-up is just okay.

Both get barely any characterisation besides sexually active and broody Marcus and metrosexual Jace respectively. To make this more effective, we as readers need to learn more information step by step and by half way point we should know most of the backstory, because: 1.

The tragedy is otherwise ridiculously over the top and 2. We get to know the characters way too late. The only information I got from the twins were their actions and those sucked. For their first threesome — mind you Devi and the twins had never talked to each other before, so she was going to have sex with two strangers! A situation! You can be doing all sorts of hardcore kinky stuff without using ANY toy! Another situation that irked me was in the car.

Devi, being totally high from endorphins and lust, agrees. The next day, the twins drag her to a sex shop to buy anal toys, because she promised them. Any form of doubt is discarded. The only way they try to help her overcome her fear is by telling her to trust them.

Because those two are great! She knows, she bakes them cookies and sells them sex toys! A year. And others judge you for being single. It happens to me, too. But you could think Devi was a piece of garbage for not having a man at her side validating her existence. To come back to the twins… The interactions between Devi and the twins was almost exclusively sexual.

And this happens throughout the whole novel. There is one great example. Jace is an attorney. He tells her the horrible thing that happened and Devi feels super sorry and everything is terrible and horrible. You wanna know what happened? The dialogue is skipped and we only read how horrible and sad IT is but how Jace relaxes after having talked about it.

No, honestly, this is really it. That is bullshit.


Glutton for Pleasure



The Pleasure Series




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