It perfectly balances different theoretical approaches to international politics, theoretical and empirical material, and major topics like international security, international political economy, and global social issues. In particular, its coverage of war, civil conflict, and terrorism is outstanding and especially relevant today. Better than anyone, they sensibly combine political science, economics, history, and more with plenty of illustrative regional examples to help my students build a comprehensive picture of the world. International Relations offers the widest survey of theoretical perspectives, ranging from realism and liberalism to feminism, peace studies, postmodernism, and constructivism. In addition, text-wide discussion of three core principles—dominance, reciprocity, and identity—offer a consistent opportunity to consider the application of theory to different issues.

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Shelves: school-books , i-learnded-stuff , non-fiction I was pretty happy with this book. It was a very holistic and widely-scoped introduction to international relations.

It is not as if the common person can get through life without knowing a bit about international relations. It is on the news, we talk about international events and happenings because they affect all of us. I have taken an interest in these kinds of issues even before I cracked open this book.

BUT I feel much more informed about the basics like the difference between types of I was pretty happy with this book. It is different to know about these things, and to actually understand how they work. And now I understand how these concepts work and can apply them to the real world. That is one definite benefit to the format of this book--the real world examples.

There is a good amount of theory in the first few chapters which could have probably been explained better and in more detail than the basic overview that was given but there were plenty of real world examples for every concept. It has a strong connection to the events that have happened or are still happening. So it makes it very easy to apply what you are learning to current events. As a side note, I was required to buy the myPoliSciLab component for the class to do the chapter quizes.

These really helped me focus on what I needed to study and what concepts needed to be covered in more detail. You can get the e-book when you buy myPoliSciLab which is way less than purchasing the paperback , and it will even read the chapters to you! I had already bought the book so I did not get to try it out. The quizzes and flash cards are really helpful, especially if your professor does multiple choice style testing.

All of the extra content is really interesting, though not really necessary. I did learn a lot. Because there are always real world examples for each concept, I walked away with a better understanding of what other countries have gone through and their historical relations with each other. There is just so much information out there, it is hard to get all of it in one place. So that was definitely appreciated. That said, it should be noted that the text would serve as a decent introduction for precocious and politically minded young adults.


International Relations, 11th Edition

Faekree Download Chapter 7 2. Pevehouse, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Key learning applications include MyPoliSciLab with simulations and videos. Historical context throughout the text.


Joshua S. Goldstein

The Eleventh Edition explores themes of international relationships from economic, social, and political standpoints. Through human scale stories that touch on broader themes such as war and peace, humans and their environment, poverty and development, and more, the book provides readers with relatable material to understand international relations. The topics studied by scholars are like a landscape with many varied locations and terrains. This text is a map that can orient you to the main topics, debates, and issue areas in international relations. Scholars use specialized language to talk about their subjects. This text is a phrase book that can translate such lingo and explain the terms and concepts that scholars use to talk about international relations.


International Relations

Meztizuru Unparalleled focus on critical thinking. Download Chapter 8 1. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Key learning applications include MyPoliSciLab with simulations and videos. Share your thoughts with other customers.



The podcast is available on www. International Relations, 8th Edition International Integration Chapter Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. International Relations by Joshua S. Globalization is now the central theme of Chapter 1, and it is frequently returned to in later chapters. These boxes bridge theory to policy problems and reveal both the tradeoffs inherent to decision-making and the interconnectedness of foreign and domestic politics. Download Chapter 13 0. This book is only partially available.

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