While on holiday in Cornwall , they get caught up in the battle between the Light and the Dark and join the search for the Things of Power. They also appear in the third book, Greenwitch , and the last book in the series, Silver on the Tree. In the poem featured prominently throughout The Dark Is Rising, they are the ones referred to as "three from the track". Simon Drew: Simon is the eldest of the Drews.

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Shelves: fiction , fantasy , young-adult The eerie one, as opposed to the intensely disturbing one, which for me will always be The Grey King. I remembered this as a slight, inconsequential book.

The weird-shaped one in the middle where the kids meet each other on vacation before we get really serious. Not her fault. Like all those people who go to the museum and look at the grail and say, oh, how wonderful, without the least idea of what it really is. This book is not at all what I expected from the woman who wrote the end of Silver on the Tree, with the thing.

You know the thing. As a child the end came out of nowhere and utterly enraged me; it still does, but I think I mischaracterized it in anger. I thought it was about the fragility of humans in the face of the larger powers.

No one who could write this book could also write a story about that. This book is all about the magic of mortals. And then the Greenwitch, who is the wildest of magic, so wild that Merriman and Will are frightened of it and have to appease greater powers to even think of approaching it.

That Greenwitch. Made by mortal women over one long night of companionship and tradition and casual use of old, old power. The Light and the Dark do not have a monopoly on power. And the central argument of this book is carried by Jane, quiet little Jane. The Light and the Dark bring terrifying powers down on Trewissick, they have a fucking opera out there by the sea. But it all comes down to Jane, who has no magic at all unless you count a little compassion.

I was not expecting that. Other random thoughts -- I remembered that the Greenwitch was not feminine. That apparently made a huge impression on me as a child.


Susan Cooper

He then pursued a career in the offices of the Great Western Railway. Her mother was a teacher of ten-year-olds and eventually became deputy head of a large school. Her younger brother Roderick also grew up to become a writer. She attended Slough High School and then earned a degree in English at Somerville College at the University of Oxford , where she was the first woman to edit the undergraduate newspaper Cherwell. Grant, a Professor of Metallurgy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , and a widower with three teenage children. Eventually she wrote fiction for both children and adults, a series of picture books, film screenplays, and works for the stage.


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