Finally, Bodhidharma crossed the Yangtse River and came to the kingdom of Gi. Later, the emperor asked Shiko for his view. Shiko said, "Does Your Majesty know who this man is? Shiko said, "Your Majesty, do not intend to send an emissary to fetch him back. Even if all the people in the land were to go after him, he would not return.

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Finally, Bodhidharma crossed the Yangtse River and came to the kingdom of Gi. Later, the emperor asked Shiko for his view. Shiko said, "Does Your Majesty know who this man is? Shiko said, "Your Majesty, do not intend to send an emissary to fetch him back. Even if all the people in the land were to go after him, he would not return. If so, what is there to keep a firm hold on? Bow and withdraw. Only if there is no love or hatred, all is complete clarity.

The chief priest of the temple asked him, "Master, how are you feeling these days? Carrying his bundle under his arm, he stepped into the Dharma hall.

He walked across it from east to west and from west to east. Looking around he said, "None, none! Setcho [1] commented: "Seen through!

As Isan sat at his place, Tokusan held up his sitting cloth in a ceremonial manner and said, "Master! Setcho commented: "Seen through! In the evening, Isan asked the head monk, "Where is the newcomer who was here a while ago? I cast it down before you. Beat the drum, call everyone to look for it! What is Buddha? In those days this Chinese word colloquially meant also, "Watch out! Bokushu hit him saying, "You idiot! Do you know that in this great empire of Tang there is no Zen master?

I beg you, Master, please peck from outside. Then he said, "Did you understand? Let him come to you and ask him about it. Tangen responded: "The south of the river, north of the lake: Setcho commented, "The single hand does not sound without reason.

Setcho commented, "A staff, hewn freshly from the mountain forest. Setcho commented, "The speech is finished. It was often made for deceased monks. Suibi took it and hit him. Ryuge said, "You may hit me as you like. Rinzai took it and hit him. All of you should look at it carefully! They have lost their body and life. Hofuku, pointing with a finger, said, "Right here is the summit of Myo Peak.

Isan said, "Old Cow, you have come! Will you go there, Master? Tetsuma left immediately. Her name means "Ryu, the iron grindstone. Gotai, which is far away in the northern part of the country. He himself answered in their stead, saying, "Because that has no power on the Way. Hyakujo thereupon hit him. Hyakujo asked, "Is there any Dharma that the sages of the past have never preached to the people?

How about you, Master? How am I to know whether there is a Dharma that has been preached or that has never been preached? Is it true or not? Shokei said, "Right, right! Nansen said, "Not right, not right! This is nothing but a whirling of the wind [1].

In the end, it will perish. Jo stood there as if rooted to the spot. A monk standing nearby said, "Senior monk Jo! When Shifuku saw him coming, he drew a circle. Chinso said, "It is already straying from the essence that your student has come to you at all. Why do you draw a circle in addition to that? Setcho said, "Chinso has but one eye. When he returned to the gate, the head monk said, "Where have you been, Master?

Where should one seek the mind? When it goes away, the [impression of the] seal remains; when it stays there, the [impression of the] seal is brought to naught. If it neither goes away nor stays, would it be right to give a seal [of approval] or not? But, alas, now I find instead a frog wriggling about in the mud. Fuketsu shouted "Kaatz!

Fuketsu hit him with his whisk and said, "Do you remember what you said? Fuketsu hit him again with his whisk. It stood against the great stream and protected the area from flood.

The monk said, "What if I understand the point that way? It actually was a flower fence around a restroom. Come in the daylight. The latter ordered ten of his Zen students to see Koji off at the temple gate. Koji pointed to the falling snow in the air and said, "Beautiful snow-flakes! You speak with your mouth, but you are just like a dumb man.

He is supposed to be the fearful judge at the entrance of the realm of the dead. Case 30 in the Mumonkan. Case 33 in the Mumonkan. What does the one come down to?

It weighed seven pounds. They lose themselves in delusion about themselves and only pursue [outside] objects. But to express fully the bare substance is difficult. Or it could be any other "six"-ness. The senior monk Ro took up the kettle to serve Myosho [2]. But Ro overturned the kettle [over the tea hearth].

The minister saw this and asked the senior monk, "What is there under the tea hearth? Myosho said, "Elder Ro, you have eaten plenty of rice in Shokei Temple, and yet you are simply a [useless] stump in the field.

He was the abbot of the neighboring temple and was apparently invited to the tea too. When he saw them coming, Seppo thrust open the gate of his hermitage with his hands, jumped out, and said, "What is this? Later, the monks came to Ganto. He asked them, "Where have you come from? Ganto said, "What else did he say? If I had told it to him, no one under heaven could do anything against him.

If you want to know the last word, it is just this. Case 13 in the Mumonkan. The Great Master said, "What is that? Hyakujo cried out in pain. The Great Master said, "Why flew away? Unmon slapped him. The monk said, "I have something to say about it.

The monk remained silent. Then Unmon hit him. Zengen tapped on the coffin and said, "Is this life or death?



She completed her education by studying architecture and engineering in Berlin and Graz. The sociological and psychological aspects of architecture were one of the main fields of her studies. In she received her diploma in architecture. She concluded her graduate studies at the University of North Carolina and worked for the Planning Commission of Philadelphia. During this time she met Frank Lloyd Wright. In she took the initiative to bring the exhibition "60 years of Living Architecture" on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright to Munich.


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Gingen sie weg, ging auch er. Niemand liegt krank in der Infirmerie. Was soll das alles? Darauf vollzog er die Zeremonie der Feuerbestattung. Schreiend vor Schmerz lief der Junge davon. Gutei rief ihm nach. Wenn er antwortet, wird er sein Leben verlieren.

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