The group provides offshore outsourcing and IT services to various organizing, through the subsidiaries. It is an integrated operations and technology company. The company has many offshore development centers. These centers are located in Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

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Arashijinn Who is the engineer? I need placement papers of Igate and Syntel including latest i. Choose the correct answer out of the four answer options given 1. The reasoning part comprises of diagram combination questions, concentration questions, puzzles etc. Find the original fraction? How many pieces have three faces with different colors? Mail will not be published required. If the ;atni is also included the average becomes 13 years.

When the teacher is included there are totally 31 members in the class and the average is increased by 1 year. After this the successful candidates are called for the HR round. From here, he drove 60 km east and 40 km north. The average of the first 7 papers is 42 and of the last seven ptni is There is a married couple in which D is the husband. None of these 4. The selection test consists of a written test, two technical interviews and one HR interview.

If 4 chickens are worth 3 ducks, 7 ducks worth 2 geese and 9 geese worth 7 fowls what is the price of a chicken if a fowl costs Rs. Who is the wife of D? The average age of 5 of the players is 27 and that of another set of 5 players, totally different from the first five, is What is igqte number? All students in my class are intelligent. The percentage change in the surface are of a cube when each side is doubled is a.

What will be the average score of the rest of the students if the average score of 10 of the students is This means that everyone got 1 extra year after distributing the extra years of the teacher. After 12 years he will br twice the age of his daughter. The missing number in the series is 3, 6, 12,…. How many more seconds it took her to run aptiyude over hurdles than it did to m dash? A, C and E. What is the pattern of the interview? What will be the new average if we include the 20 faculty members whose average age is 37 years?

These centers are located in Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Find the average speed for the journeys of the two buses combined if it is known that the distance from Ranchi to Patnais kilometers. The math section comprises of questions from topics like, time and work, time and distance, simple and compound interest, profit and loss and ratio and proportion. Who is the executive? How many seconds will it take to pass a man standing on the bridge? Find the marks obtained in the 7th paper?

C and E are unmarried ladies and do not work. None of the ladies are engineers or doctors. A smallest number exists that can be apittude as sum of cubes of two different sets of numbers of which one set is 10,9.

The written test consists of two sections and the time duration is 1 hour. She ran m in 40 s, m in 1 min and 10 s and m over hurdles in one and a half min. His present age is a. The average age of a class of 30 students is One of them aptituxe a doctor, one is an engineer and another an executive. How many pieces have two faces painted with same colour? How many pieces have no face painted? The other set is a. It is an integrated operations and technology company.

If it is the captain aptltude was not included in either of these two groups, then find the age of the captain. At what distance is he from the starting point? List of Sample Papers. A train 55m long crosses a bridge of m length in 10 s.


iGate placement papers

Shalkree The other set is a. His present age is a. Is what percent of Rs. One of them is a doctor, one is an engineer and another an executive.

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iGate Placement Papers - iGate Interview Questions and Answers updated on Apr 2020






iGate aptitude placement paper


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