Shout outs to the blog team; thank you for sharing your experiences with candor and humor! Picking up the baton and upholding class tradition to share meaningful, hilarious, and sometimes trying experiences, we, the blog team of the Class of , are thrilled to introduce ourselves in this post. Helena, Lukasz, Uzair and myself will helm the regular blog posts, while Adrian and Olivier are our skilled photobloggers. We look forward to being the voice of our class and having many of our peers guest blog in the coming months.

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You want: what? For you:? Strengthen business fundamentals? Develop high-performance leadership? Experience real-life globalization? Put learning into action? Master execution For your company:?

Retain and build skills and confidence in high-potential people? Reap immediate benefits from company-related projects? Maximize learning impact by integrating work and study? Choose the timing and path that works for your business As well as enriching yourself and enhancing your capabilities, you will be delivering real value to your company. As you involve your company, you will spread skills and ideas throughout your business, and you and your colleagues will continue to learn.

To become a more effective, self-confident, self-aware member of a general management team? To develop your understanding of global business dynamics? To increase your value to your company and to your customers? To achieve mastery of business concepts, leadership skills and continuous learning The IMD Executive MBA is a superb answer for fast-rising executives who want to deliver real value to their companies.

The program takes you beyond the basics to a true understanding of the forces that will be shaping business in the future. The course is tough and intense, but incredibly rewarding, for both you and your company. Someone who is capable of adapting to change and who drives excellent results. Someone with a heightened curiosity about the world and the possibilities it holds.

Someone who can turn ideas into action. And someone who never stops learning. Deciding to embark on an Executive MBA is a big decision. We look forward to hearing from you. Foundation stage: building business fundamentals You fulfil the Foundation stage by completing Module 1 of the Program for Executive Development PED , followed by a month-long distance learning module called Strategy and Advanced Concepts.

PED Module 1 4 weeks face-to-face learning Phase I — Understand A focus on the essential set of skills and competencies that you must possess in order to be successful on the job. We approach these business fundamentals in new ways, organizing them in a framework that highlights the fundamental shifts it takes to become an effective general manager:? From specialist to generalist? From analyst to integrator? From tactician to strategist?

From bricklayer to architect? From warrior to diplomat? From problem-solver to agenda-setter? From supporting cast to lead role Phase II — Be Aware A cross-disciplinary exploration of the key challenges faced by organizations and their general managers today — and likely in years to come. We discuss key social and industry trends, uncertainties in the economic climate, political factors, technological evolutions, and changes in customer needs that will require innovative approaches to the way you conceptualize your business as you prepare your organization for the future.

An experience for life. We have designed this with you in mind so that the distance learning portion can be completed without requiring you to take any time away from the office. During an intensive four to six-week period, you will work through textbooks, cases and assignments, attend video sessions with our Faculty and then prepare for a final exam in each topic.

You will be challenged by the work, by the professors and by your peers — a dynamic group of highly-motivated, experienced managers from around the world. It is partnering at its best and in true IMD style. No session is the same! Instructors take the lead, but participants are expected to contribute to the knowledge transfer drawing from their rich and diverse experiences. Mastery stage: high-level, intensive business leadership training Taking place over one year, the Mastery stage combines five onsite modules with five e-modules where you work at a distance.

Three pillars run throughout: leadership, globalization and company assignments. Discovery Expeditions: discovering business first hand; living globalization INDIA — Mumbai We head to India to learn first-hand how the changing patterns of global competition are helping drive the economy of this burgeoning country. We see the impact of growth on urbanization and the knock-on effects on the environment.

We look into the immense challenge of poverty and learn how it is evolving in the context of overall growth. We interact with key people and organizations in both the public and private sector — business people, government officials, civil society and more. CHINA — Shanghai We explore Shanghai to learn more about this evolving and potentially huge market that is full of energy, drive and risk.

We visit companies — Chinese and foreign-owned — talk with Communist Party officials, hold debates and discussions with business leaders, investigate on our own, and work with those who live and breathe Shanghai on a daily basis. He showed us how Indian culture and religion are reflected in ads for various consumer products. Then we visited several Indian companies ranging from large industrial firms to high-tech start-ups.

In the late afternoon we converged on Bandra Kurla, the growing business district. Then we set off to visit foreign companies in a wide array of industries. The take-aways, all hotly debated, ranged from the importance of Guanxi to the role of China as an export base to the level of sophistication of operations. Finally, back at the hotel, we held a panel discussion in which a series of foreign and local entrepreneurs shared their experiences of starting a business in China. We experience how companies manage innovation, the knowledge economy, high-risk ventures and entrepreneurship.

We put ourselves in the shoes of entrepreneurs and work with start-ups and large-company executives, as well as venture capitalists, headhunters, lawyers and academics to get to the heart of Silicon Valley.

Ideas, examples and materials are exchanged across time and geographies. You build on theory and ideas from classroom sessions and Discovery Expeditions by applying these learnings in your company. We provide the context, frameworks and expectations for the assignments; you decide how to best position them for maximum impact.

The program focuses on real-life situations, rather than neat theoretical packages. You are learning in context all the time. We met with a wide cross-section of ventures and spent a significant amount of time debating business models with the founders; doing this in small teams really made an impact.

The evening was spent with a leading design firm in an intensive creativity workshop, learning more about fostering successful innovation. We direct your efforts and give you the tools and resources you need to:? Gather knowledge from customers, bringing new insights into the firm?

Build financial analysis skills, interpreting how strategy impacts financial health? Design interfaces to integrate units with different organizational designs into a cohesive whole?

Scan the competitive landscape and create a strategy for leapfrogging the competition? Create new organizational capabilities by improving HR practices and capabilities? Evaluate execution capabilities and develop an implementation plan? Conduct extensive research towards a final thesis Foundation stage: building business fundamentals PED Module 1 4 weeks face-to-face learning Phase I: Understand A focus on the essential set of skills and competencies that you must possess in order to be successful on the job.

Phase II: Be Aware A cross-disciplinary exploration of the key challenges faced by organizations and their general managers today — and likely in years to come. Your goals:? Understanding your customers? Assessing the financial health of your company? Working on your leadership objectives? Preparing for Module 2? The leadership stream continues to evolve and challenge you.

Your company benefits from your experiences EMBA e-Module 4 13 weeks at your office You continue to apply what you have learned in your own organization and to share your knowledge with your colleagues, classmates and IMD Faculty. Put learning into action EMBA e-Module 5 8 weeks at your office The final assignment with your company: mapping a detailed plan for execution, and in parallel looking at your personal leadership challenges in connection with execution.

You also submit your final thesis. Organizational behavior? Launch into the leadership stream of the EMBA and prepare for your company-based assignments. Mumbai Investigating globalization: what does global competition mean for India? What are the impacts on poverty, urbanization and the environment?

Where are the opportunities for overseas firms, indigenous organizations and entrepreneurs? Learn first hand through live projects hosted by Indian companies. What does globalization mean for Shanghai? You will apply the investigation skills you learned in Mumbai. What does it take to renew skills, to expand capabilities and to stay current in a rapidly changing world?

The closing days are also an opportunity to reflect on your learning and how you will leverage it to help you execute; to help you create value for yourself and your firm in the future.

Driving innovation? Managing complex organizations? Leveraging globalization? Discover how fast-growth companies, large and small, manage innovation and speed while working in a knowledge economy.

Explore entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. Learn how to nurture ideas through to profit.


Know which Executive MBA is best for you

All good business schools offer EMBA programs. Typically, such programs do not require taking a career break, which is extremely important for executives at this level. Many are international in character, often with classes in different locations - making the program a truly global learning experience. This senior level management training also allows a sharing of experiences from different industries between the different participants, as well as a strong networking platform. Choosing the right Executive MBA program is critical. Any Master Business Administration program requires an important commitment both in terms of time and finance.


The slow approach of spring

You want: what? For you:? Strengthen business fundamentals? Develop high-performance leadership? Experience real-life globalization? Put learning into action?

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