The Panther cover is also worthy of mention: The same riffs, images, even scenarios, recur; seemingly to cement the impression that Vermilion Sands is self-perpetuating. Even those stories portray his unique writing style, his moodiness, his ability to describe the settings J. Jul 18, Rebecca Gransden rated it liked it. Fascinating and Ballard sort of enfolds you in the life and setting. Although all the stories have difterant characters and events, they all have similar ingredients.

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Originally posted at Fantasy Literature J. But many consider his best work to be his huge catalog of short stories, many of which were pivotal in the New Wave SF movement in Vermilion Sands: A desert resort for artists and wealthy eccentrics Originally posted at Fantasy Literature J. He has published many short story collections, but the publishing gods have seen fit to be kind and provide readers with a single volume, The Complete Stories of J. Ballard, which contains 98 stories 1, pages from throughout his career.

Not only is this available in hard copy and Kindle, it is also available for a single credit on Audible, providing 65 hours of thoughtful listening pleasure, read by excellent veteran narrators. However, to provide a balanced overview, I will review some of his most famous collections separately.

Vermilion Sands was first published as a U. All the stories here showcase artists of different mediums, faded film stars now dwelling in obscurity, and wealthy eccentrics, all of whom retreat from the larger world into the faded desert community of Vermilion Sands in the America Southwest. The blurb on some of the editions describes it best: Vermilion Sands is a fully automated desert-resort designed to fulfill the most exotic whims of the idle rich, but now languishes in uneasy decay, populated only by forgotten movie queens, solitary impresarios and the remittance men of the artistic and literary world.

The collection is internally consistent in tone, with a wonderfully languid and ironic view of the strange and sometimes comical lives of the residents of Vermilion Sands. Instead, I suggest you should read it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Overall, Vermilion Sands contains J. Unlike much of his darker, melancholy works about lonely astronauts, despondent scientists, and troubled adventurers, there is a sense of playfulness and moments of outright humor. It is also the most unique depiction of fantastical future art forms I have ever encountered, and combined with the decadent and desolate desert backdrop of this strange community with its sand yachts and living houses, it promises to be an unforgettable reading experience.

For once, Ballards Possibly my favourite Ballard book.


James Graham Ballard



Vermilion Sands



Vermilion Sands (1971)


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