Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. What feats would you dare to accomplish and where would you go? Just imagine your life, lived without limits. In order to reach an intended destination, you have to know your intended destination. Affirmations—clear, definitive statements declaring something is so—solidify your ideas of where you want to go or how you want to change. Without exception, positive affirmation is the key to all advancement and achievement.

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John will teach you: How to finally achieve all the success you want using a proven scientific process — not gimmicks or blind luck. Why the majority of your past failures may not be your fault! How to double — and possibly triple — your income within the next 12 months. How to use the latest advances in Neuroscience to retrain your brain for higher levels of happiness and success.

You may have envisioned yourself… Enjoying and entertaining in a bigger home Driving your dream car Enjoying exotic vacations with your family Giving the money and time you want to the charities of your choice.

Sending your kids to the schools of YOUR choice. So what is your specific Action Plan for achieving all of this? Most people have NO plan — or if they do, they quickly find themselves stuck and fail to take appropriate action. Sound familiar? I was once exactly like you… overflowing with lots of big dreams and plenty of healthy ambition… with NO idea under the sun how to make those dreams a reality. Fortunately, I had a mentor who taught me on the absolute importance of setting written goals the right way and how to reprogram my subconscious mind for success.

Thanks to this wonderful individual, I became an outstanding goal-setter. But then something very interesting happened. I learned the science of changing what I believed I deserved and how to change from the inside out so that I would start to think, feel and behave in ways I never did before..

This revolutionary new daily system not only taught me how my brain actually worked — but how I could easily reprogram it for automated success. And shortly after learning this life-changing process, I went from living in this 2 bedroom apartment: To this estate on six acres Although I was obviously very proud of my accomplishments, I noticed something very disturbing. These were very smart, well-educated people just like you… and yet they seldom — if ever — achieved their goals.

I was completely intrigued with this. In fact, I spent the next several years studying, analyzing — and learning from the best researchers and neuroscientists around the world. I finally discovered what I believe is the answer to that question. You just have to be willing to learn and apply what I will teach you in this program. I call it the No physical products will be shipped. And for those who have already used it, their results are nothing short of phenomenal.

By simply applying what I learned, I have started a new business that I wanted to do for over 10 years, but never found the way to make it happen. Not only have I started the business but it has also taken off in directions I never dreamed possible. Also, this year I went from not working out at all to being in the best physical shape of my life, successfully beating the personal bests I achieved when I was 25 years old.

Not bad considering the fact that at 25, I was a professional basketball player in the NBA and my whole livelihood depended on my physical conditioning. The greatest gift though, has been the sense of control and mastery I feel over my life, and the incredible expectations I have for the future because of what I learned through this program.

It has rewritten the book on brain science and changed everything we thought we knew about the way the brain works. This program is designed to teach you a very simple, step-by-step process to help you actually apply this revolutionary information to your own situation, resulting in a faster, easier — and far more effective way for you to achieve maximum success.

I am also completely off my antidepressant medication - first time in 20 years. I want more!!!!! I want my life back again and I want to live the life I long for So I am starting the program all over again with fresh eyes and ears.

I am ready for the next stage of my life. You, my friend, are a genius. Now — if we could only learn to capitalize on that truth, just imagine the possibilities it would unleash in our lives. This research has shown that your thoughts not only matter, they actually create matter. The key here is to learn how to focus.

My program will show you how to stay laser focused on the goals you want to achieve and how to properly plan for their achievement.

Scientists have recently learned that when you have a thought, that thought wave causes a reaction at the atomic scale. You will start to work with the way the universe works. Literally out of nothing… out of expressing a possibility… your thought creates matter. That one discovery unlocked several previously unexplained mysteries.

Have you ever noticed that every time you learn something new, it feels uncomfortable? And yet, your thoughts are actually creating things. Nothing less, nothing more.

But the key is really in the subconscious mind. Recently confirmed by neurological research, the far larger — and far, far more powerful portion of our brain — actually resides in the subconscious. What makes relying on your conscious mind even worse is that it is extremely volatile. It judges. It thinks abstractly. It has limited processing ability. The reason people have the results they have is because of the limiting beliefs, perceptions, behaviors and habits.

My methods help turbo-charge their brains so that their success is inevitable. Changing their current patterns into highly successful habits thoughts and actions.

Your very actions will be pre-programmed to attract success — and obtain it whenever you wish. The problem with expectancy points is that they keep us stuck at that specific level — and never allow us to grow past that point.

This works just like a thermostat does to keep a room at the programmed temperature. You know what I mean. This part of your brain constantly comes up with multiple excuses… and works to sabotage all of your business or life-goals and dreams.

You will forever release the negative emotions of your past failures and false starts. All of the negative self-talk is not our natural state of being.

However, during the course of our lives, we become conditioned to have negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. World renowned brain researcher Dr. Daniel Amen even came up with a name for the process. It is because while our conscious mind is responsible for setting goals, our unconscious mind is the part that helps us achieve them. To achieve real, long-lasting breakthroughs in both your life and your business, it is not just important that you understand what is happening in your unconscious mind — but that you take the necessary steps to reprogram it.

And that is exactly what I will help you do. A simple 7- to minute daily commitment is one of the underlying fundamentals of the program — and one of the most important.

This small commitment will retrain your brain — and may well prove to be the single most rewarding exercise you will ever do. This aspect of the program is critical — as it helps you work on the unconscious portion of your brain. I accepted the job and I will start there in early January. I put it out there and the universe responded. My eyes were open to see what I may have never pursued. Thank you John and the NeuroGym family. Seriously — What besides YOU is holding you back?

Freedom Luxury The Complete Having It All Program Instant Delivery: The product featured here will be delivered to you immediately upon purchase, via a convenient online member login, accessible at any time through your PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet or mobile device, and no actual box will be shipped for this special holiday offer. With instant delivery, Having it All makes for a perfect last minute Holiday gift for a loved one. It was developed by a group of world renowned scientists, recognized experts, and business leaders whose purpose in life is to educate the world about the untapped power of the human brain.

Individual results may vary. Discover the natural laws that will make it easier than ever before as you retrain the way you think, act and achieve.

You will be the happiest and most focused you have ever been. It was like I had been driving around in a Pinto and John gave me a Lamborghini. I have attended other workshops, and The decision to buy it turned out to be one of the best ones I have made thus far.

I have made more in one month than in a whole year!


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Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams



Having It All: Achieving Your Life's Goals and Dreams


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