En una tierra audaz e inmisericorde chocaron esos dos mundos, tan diferentes: el potro salvaje del desierto y la intacta rosa de Inglaterra, encendiendo un devastador incendio de pasiones fronterizas, que amenazaban con consumirlos a ambos. Ambas le han advertido que salga de Texas pronto Cassie necesita a alguien que traiga la paz, pero aparece a su lado un hombre que solo trae la muerte. Le llaman Angel.

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When they lost their parents to a tragic and dramatic death, they were taken in by their aunt and uncle. But when her uncle loses his funds, he convinces Kelsey that she can save them and help provide more security for her sister.

Derek Malory is not a man to be spontaneous or to buy a mistress especially for the large amount, but when a cruel fellow Lord bids on Kelsey, he knows the pain she will suffer at his hands and he can save her this time. But Kelsey is not what he expected. She is kind, beautiful, intelligent and passionate and innocent. But when Derek realizes he wants to marry Kelsey, because he loves her, it might be impossible with the scandal surrounding their relationship and the secret that Kelsey is keeping from him The Hero Derek Malory is the only son of Jason Malory, with all the responsibilities and duties that come with the Title and being the only son of the eldest of the Malory siblings.

Derek believed that his mother died, and his step mother Frances was never a true mother to him. Derek is charming but is also responsible when he needs to be. Derek is such a wonderful hero to read. I love the way he is with Kelsey. He definitely has the type of personality that is a bit different from others in his family. He has a good balance though. I love seeing a mix of good characteristics from the family that Derek portrays in his personality.

The Heroine Kelsey Langton is a truly wonderful heroine that we have. I love her character and personality. She is the oldest of the two sisters, but she is the more responsibile one although she tends to have a bit of a temper at times and I did love seeing that side of her come out.

She is very innocent though. And it was interesteing to see how she deals with her situation and how well she handles everything she faces.

She is strong and courageous and kind. She is such a likable character and I love how protective she is of her sister and then Derek too. It was such a joy and fun experience to re read this one. But then this whole series is like that for me. But there is something unique and different about this couple that I just love.

Rarely do you fall in love with a couple that meets in such a unique way as these two meet. Our villain of the story is Lord David Ashford, who enjoys whipping women to have sex with them. Yeah he is pretty horrible and has his sights set on Kelsey. I was hoping you might know some way to deal with the man. James said nothing for nearly ten seconds, then, "If you insist. I did love seeing the way the Malory family deals with the "scandal" and the way each member of the family tend to clash when they disagree on a issue and can I say how amusing this family is.

Now to get to the romance between Derek and Kelsey. I just love their story so very much. And a misunderstanding occurs in the beginning, but I really like seeing how you get to the heart of their characters in the beginning of the story. We see how wonderful of a connection they have together. And unless he did something drastic to alter that, she was afraid those feelings were going to get much stronger. That was a horrible thought.

And that day would eventually come. When it did, she wanted to sigh in relief, not cry her heart out. I like seeing the growth and intimacy these two have emotionally despite the fact Kelsey is keeping a big secret like the fact she is a daughter of a titled Lord. And its one of my favorite things about Kelsey. It would be easier to just tell everyone the truth, but then she risks hurting her family and is very protective of them.

She is always thinking of others and is so selfless in so many ways and I truly love that about her. And when she falls in love with Derek, her selflessness only increases but not in a negative way.

And it was fun to see how they find a way past the scandal with some creative ideas from the Malory family. The Cover I love this cover, with the gate looking into the manor, and makes me want to jump into the cover and explore the grounds. Overall View Say You Love Me, is a endearing and charming romance with a kind hero, a emotionally strong heroine and a romance that is superb!!!


La Cautiva del Amor



Johanna Lindsey


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