Stacy L. She says: He was before his time in his thinking and experience has proven him to be right. We have used Dr. His newer version is even easier to understand, has more directed exercises, and is even more positive and encouraging than his original version.

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Written by the sex therapist Dr. Sy Silverberg, it teaches practical techniques for developing better control during sex. Buy from Amazon Dr. Silverberg says that he originally wrote Lasting Longer in , updating it in after 30 years of professional practice as a sex therapist. Most of the other guides are written by guys who have personally experienced and overcome PE. They then use their knowledge and research to create their training course.

What makes Dr. Silverberg different is the simple approach based on his practical experience of helping guys. So on the face of it, Dr. Silverberg would appear to be a trustworthy source of advice. The background information Dr. Silverberg says in the introduction that he intentionally kept a lot of background information out of the book.

He gives an introduction to the possible causes of PE, discussing evolutionary theories and the sexual behavior of men generally. He then goes on to explain how ejaculation works, how you can learn to control the reflex, and the importance of learning arousal control. His simple explanation of these concepts makes a lot of sense, and provides a solid reason to want to learn the later techniques. One of the best sections in the book is about the role of sexual performance anxiety.

This is where his experience as a sex therapist really shines through, and I was impressed with that section. He describes the methods in a good amount of detail, with a specific focus on learning to recognize your arousal levels.

His method is clear, succinct and has 2 main steps: solo work and partner work, both of which he teaches you how to do. As a final word, he has a section dedicated to your partner. He gives her practical advice on how she can work with you to support you and help you through the process. I liked the way he thinks about the partner in this inclusive way; he acknowledges the fact that she has an important role to play in your journey to learn control.

Criticisms My main criticism is that the book feels a little short. I think a lot of guys would appreciate having some simple and practical ideas that will help them straight away. It will take some time and dedication to make the most of the technique in the book and see a real difference in your lasting time.

Conclusion Lasting longer is a basic introduction to PE, easy to read and follow. But that simplicity is also my main criticism. There are books with more information, more detail and more advanced techniques.


Lasting Longer Book Review

Awesome sexual stamina with Dr. Sy Silverberg is a concise guide for treating premature ejaculation. Probably because background is very dull, lacking any color. I had to print it. About the Author: Well Dr. Sy Silverberg has 40 years of clinical experience in treating premature ejaculation. He is certified sex therapist from both US and Canada.


"Can A Quick Guide Reveal Ways To Control Your Ejaculation?"


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