Les pervers narcissiques sont envahis par un autre dont ils ne peuvent se passer. Ils ne souffrent pas. Il ne dispose pas de ressources pour cela. Cela commence par un simple manque de respect, du mensonge ou de la manipulation.

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In an abuse relationship, one usurps power over the other while the recipient accepts this as evident of their worth. They become convinced they are lesser humans and worthy of constant correction. Repressed Life is full of extremes, especially when it comes to the use of power.

Repressed on so many levels during live, the victim becomes incapacitated to make their own decisions and think for themselves. In turn, this gives the abuser even more power over them. The soul becomes wounded to the point that they can no longer stand strong on their own beliefs, becoming instead someone that is oppressed and a magnet for additional manipulation which then comes at them from every area of their lives. What a sad story to watch someone disintegrate and allow themselves to be controlled by someone else.

Many, being upstanding citizens in the public eye and in the congregation were never seen as they were on the home front. Myself being taught to respect elders and males, acting as the supportive wife and mother of my children, learned to deny any personal feelings I had or ideas that I might be anything more than just a servant to others. I had given up on the possibility that a woman could actually be help-mate and partner to her husband.

Although I was available to them and often expressed my desire to talk with them about things that bothered them, they saw me as just the wife and mother, a female, and one that had no control over the situation from the beginning. I have felt inadequate in my ability to describe what I believe happened and how to address the issues of my shipwrecked family. I can see defense mechanisms that we can all learn and practice daily to help us overcome the self-destructive behaviors that have lead us into previous abusive relationships.

I can see tools and skills learned that will empower us to stand up against current situations that are not appropriate or balanced, especially when it comes to my daughters. There are issues my sons have that carry the same dispassionate responses to humankind, which was exemplified in their father. Dig deep and ponder its words and meanings. Think about the case examples and open your heart to what it might feel like to be in similar situations.

This book will enlightening your soul and quite possibly could save another soul or yourself from becoming a statistic of such stalking. This is balanced and thoroughly addresses the circumstances and covert situations where abuse happens behind closed doors. Seeking whom they may devour!

I want to make a difference and will be sharing this book with many others.


Le harcèlement moral: La violence perverse au quotidien

In she received another diploma on victimology from the University of Washington D. In she participated in creating a law against workplace harassment which led to the law on harcelement moral on January 11, It is said that her published book on harassment is what led to and started the debate in France. She was consulted for similar laws on workplace psychological harassment in Belgium and Quebec, frequently participates with the European Parliament, European Council, and European Commission on the issue of harassment and sexual harassment.


Marie-France Hirigoyen


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