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In our Fayette store. Item Format: Paperback Synopsis: In the dark world of Warhammer, mankind is beset by danger from all sides. From the sewers and drains crawl the ratmen, filthy beasts of fur and claw, killers, spreaders of disease: the skaven! Long have they desired to subdue the people of the Old World, and even as their power rises, most men remain blind to it.

But a few have the courage and foresight to recognise the peril. One such man is the scholar Wilhelm Leiber. This is his book, covering all the aspects and habits of the revolting skaven: their physiology, their methods of war and his projected plans on how to deal with the rising menace, with many accompanying pictures and sketches.

Many believe Leiber was a maniac, a paranoid fool whose work has no basis in fact. We think otherwise. Condition: -- HPB condition ratings New: Item is brand new, unused and unmarked, in flawless condition.

May show remainder marks. Older books may show minor flaws. Very Good VG : Shows some signs of wear and is no longer fresh. Used textbooks do not come with supplemental materials.

Good G : Average used book with all pages present. Possible loose bindings, highlighting, cocked spine or torn dust jackets. Fair FR : Obviously well-worn, but no text pages missing. May be without endpapers or title page. Markings do not interfere with readability. Poor P : All text is legible but may be soiled and have binding defects. Reading copies and binding copies fall into this category.


The Loathsome Ratmen: And All Their Vile Kin

In the ancient halls of kingship they found the Dwarfs, now naught but gnawed bones and scraps of cloth. And there they saw by the dying light of their torches the myriad eyes about them, glittering like liquid midnight as the rats closed in for the kill. The manlings stood back to back and fought for their lives, but against such implacable ferocity and countless numbers of the verminous horde, their weapons were useless. The tide of monstrous rats flowed over them one by one, dragging them down to be torn apart, the yellow chisel-teeth sinking into their soft-flesh, the dark furred mass drowning their pitiful screams with their hideous chittering



The Loop Games Do you like this video? These individuals are called Warlock Engineers, and they are more akin to walking arsenals than to Skaven. Warp energy crackles from the blades that emerge from the flesh of their arms, and their rat-like bodies are covered in all manner of bizarre artifice. Tubes and wires pulse and buzz with unholy life as they connect the Engineer to his harness and its fantastic apparatus.



Maule The Loathsome Ratmen and All Their Vile Kin : A Background Book Andrew Croft marked it as to-read Mar 24, John somers marked it as to-read Oct 22, From the sewers and drains crawl the Ratmen, filthy beasts of fur and claw, killer, spreaders of disease: Rigel rated it really liked it Rratmen 22, All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Open Preview See a Problem? Books by Mitchel Scanlon. Giancarlo added it Sep 20, Akomix marked it as to-read May 10, Refresh and try again.

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