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Love is the answer. We all know this. We have a holiday to celebrate love with red hearts and chocolate. We write songs and poems about love. We want to find love. But do we ever really talk about it? This is not a book about finding a romantic partner or about fixing your romantic relationship. This book is about the most powerful healing force in the universe, which we neglect to "All you need is love.

This book is about the most powerful healing force in the universe, which we neglect to discuss or incorporate in academia. It was as if we had forgotten that love existed, or maybe we were avoiding it. The road to understanding love is the same road to self-actualization, because by definition, God is love and love is God. So, as you grow spiritually, you will become in closer contact to the true meaning of love.

Holden structured Loveability in five main sections: In part one, Holden explains how love is our destiny because we are all connected to one Source. Love is our shared purpose as human beings. In part two, Holden tells us that love is who we are, and that only by loving ourselves, we can extend love to others.

If there is love inside of you, no matter who squeezes you, love will be what comes out. Anita Moorjani, who released her own book after her near-death experience, also brings the message of self-love and self-acceptance to be truly happy. In part three, we learn about unconditional love. This basic truth is the memory of your wholeness.

It is the awareness of your Unconditioned Self. It is the Original Blessing. It is your eternal loveliness. Love is not an act, or a bargain, or idolatry. Love is not something you feel for a few selected people.

Love is not lust or infatuation. Love is spiritual desire. In part four, we explore the polarities of love and fear, and how fear simply cannot exist where there is love.

Have you thought about the fact that when you remain attached to past hurts you are not able to love yourself? This happens because resentments, which are a form of fear, are obstacles to love. If you are wasting your present moments being angry and sad, you are hurting yourself. I truly enjoyed reading this book, and recommend it to all of you who need a catalyst to release the knowledge that is already within your souls.

For more info, please visit my blog: selfactualizedlife. Do not let the title fool you. It is not a book about romantic relationships. It is a book about your ability to love all people and all things. Apr 10, Tim Larison rated it really liked it Of all the things there are to learn philosophy and mathematics, poetry and law, all the arts and all the sciences what could be more important than that we learn how to love? Holdens book is indeed a great read for those who want to take a fresh look at how love is operating in their lives.

Robert Holden did not come out of the womb as a love guru. He is one of us. Holden emphasizes again and again in Loveability that self love is the key to a fulfilling life. Are you still dealing with painful rejections of the past?

At times I felt Holden was repeating himself a bit much, stating his self love message in different forms throughout the book. It is a natural ability that flows effortlessly through you when you let it. The byproduct of self love according to Holden? Your relationships improve, too. I received a complementary copy of this book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Aug 29, Felicia rated it it was amazing Awesome! One of the best book on love I have read!

Thank you Robert!!!


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